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Heat Gun Steinel HL1821S

Steinel heat gun with a wide range of applications , made of high quality components. The HL1821S model is equipped with a 1800 W motor that blows air at a temperature of up...
Index: LUK-22813
Index: LUK-22813
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ZD-508 hot air gun

Hot-air torch powered by 230 V mains voltage with two-stage regulation of blowing power : 750 W / 450 l/min / 350 °C and 1500 W / 450 l/min / 500 °C.
Index: NSZ-03621
Index: NSZ-03621
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Heat Gun Powermat PM-OP-2000

Powermat electric heat gun, characterized by high quality . It is equipped with a 2000 W electric motor, providing a temperature of 600 ° C.   The device has 2 gears...
Index: ASR-21995
Index: ASR-21995
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