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USB A - B 2.0 cables

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USB A - B cable - 1,8m

USB cable (type A) - USB (type B) used to connect computer with devices equipped with USB-B slot. Length of 1.8 m.
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Index: KAB-05418
Index: KAB-05418
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USB A - B cable - 3m

USB cable (type A) - USB (type B) used to connect computer with devices equipped with USB-B slot. Length of 3 m.
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Index: KAB-09559
Index: KAB-09559
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Plenty of USB A-B cables to choose from

USB is one of the most widely used standards. The USB A-B cable has two types of head end. The first one, A, is known to us from many devices that we have around us (e.g. computer mouse, keyboard). The second connector, USB B, has a characteristic square-shaped end. It is this ending that suits many scanners, printers and other devices.

It is always worth having at least one cable at home that works with devices equipped with a B-type port. In our store you will find cheap USB A - B cables that are great value for money. They are properly secured and available in various colors. Before buying, it is worth checking what length of cable you need (and just in case, choose a slightly longer cable, typically longer by about 20 - 30% of the base length). Anyway, you will certainly find cables of various lengths, so choosing a specific model tailored to your needs is not a problem.

USB A-B 2.0 – for electronic devices and for Arduino

Choose the USB A-B 2.0 cable exactly as you need. We have cables of various lengths. Depending on the destination, you may need a 1.5 m long USB A-B cable, which will be perfect when the devices you want to connect are close to each other. If you are unsure, or want the safer option, go for the A-B 2.0 1.8 meters USB cable. On the other hand, if you need to connect devices that are at a greater distance from each other, choose a three-meter or five-meter cable.

USB A-B cables available in the Botland store are of the highest quality, which means that they stand out from others with very high durability and great flexibility. In our assortment you will find high-quality cables equipped with an extremely useful ferrite filter that prevents interference. This type of cable can be successfully used to connect devices with a USB type B port with the popular Arduino Uno computer.

USB A – B 2.0 cables – 3in1 version

If you are looking for versatile cables, you will definitely be interested in 3in1 cables. These devices are recommended for slightly more demanding users. The 3in1 USB cable has three different ends: 1x USB type B, 1x miniUSB B, 1x microUSB type B. This is an amazing convenience, because such a cable can be connected to three completely different devices at the same time.

Thanks to our cables, you can quickly connect not only Arduino Leonardo, but also Arduino Uno and many other programmable electronics boards. Such electronic accessories will also fit various types of programmers, microcontrollers and popular STM32 Discovery kits.

This type of USB cable is known for its long service life even in case of intensive use, so if you need a multi-functional cable, take advantage of our offer and enjoy the trouble-free operation of your devices. The unique design of the 3in1 USB cables means that there is no need to change one cable to another. One device - all inputs close at hand. Available at any moment.