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USB 3.0 cables

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MicroUSB 2.0 cable - USB 3.1 type C Akyga - 1m

MicroUSB 2.0 Type B - USB 3.1 Type C Cable enables data transmission in USB 3.1 standard. The cable length is 1.0 m.
5.0 (1)
Index: KAB-06404
Index: KAB-06404
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USB 3.1 type A - USB 3.1 type C - Akyga - 1m

The USB 3.1 Type A - USB 3.1 Type C cable enables the transmission of data in the USB 3.1 standard with the speed of up to 10 Gb/s. The cable length is 1.0 m.
5.0 (4)
Index: KAB-06405
Index: KAB-06405
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Popular cable USB 3.0

In our assortment you will find budget models up to 3 m, which on one side ends in a connector USB 3.0 type A, on the other hand USB 3.0 type B. Tegu cable type conforms to the standards of Super Speed, allowing very fast data transfer between devices. Furthermore, in our shop you will find wire with plug to micro usb B-USB type C length, e.g. 1 meter. This cable features high flexibility and toughness. Moreover, we offer cables in standard 3.1 and USB type A and C, wherein a maximum data transfer up to 10 GB/sec.

Cables with additional functionality

The proposal Botland there are also wires for both data transfer and fast charging of connected devices. We offer, in particular, cables with two connectors of USB 3.1, which is fully compatible with the Power Delivery, which allows the energy, e.g., tablets and smartphones power up to 100 V. in addition, the cable has high speed data transfer, which is very useful, for example, during copying, you can create a large number of images or other files.

Very useful adapters

Another interesting item in our assortment of adapters, which are characterized not only broad functionality, but also a universal application. Available, in particular, the multi-port model with all the most popular connectors, such as Ethernet, HDMI, USB 3.0, slot for memory cards SD and MicroSD and USB type C. these products support 4K resolution and include the previously mentioned function of the Power Delivery, which charge more quickly, in particular your phone.