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Computer speakers

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Speakers Esperanza EP122 2.0 Folk powered from USB

Wooden computer speakers powered from the USB connector, power connector  2 x 3 W. They have stereo Jack 3,5 mm and volume control. Used as a sound source for laptops and...
4.5 (2)
Index: EAK-06732
Index: EAK-06732
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Regular price €6.90 Price €6.90

Speakers Esperanza EP121 Beat 3W powered from USB - Raspberry Pi

Computer speakers powered from USB port 3W. They have plug stereo-3.5 mm Jack, switch and volume control. Used as a sound source for laptops and computers, including the...
5.0 (1)
Index: EAK-08793
Index: EAK-08793
Shipping in 24 hours
Regular price €6.00 Price €6.00

Esperanza EP111 Leggiero 3W USB powered speakers

USB powered computer speakers with a power of 3 W. They have a 3.5 mm stereo jack connector and volume control. Used as an audio source for laptops and computers, including...
5.0 (5)
Index: EAK-08792
Index: EAK-08792
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Popular computer speakers

The store offers Botland, in particular, a budget model manufactured by Esperanza that are of good value and quality. We offer compact models, the powered via the USB port. The dynamics of this type, because of their size, they are recommended for people who travel frequently. Wide frequency range ensures that as low, mid and high frequencies are well audible. In addition, in our assortment there are models that plug into a standard outlet. Sensitive controller allows smooth and accurate volume adjustment. Moreover, the application incredibly useful input Jack 3.5 mm allows you to connect headphones in case, when the use of loudspeakers is not possible. For people who especially love the low frequencies, we offer computer speakers supported by the subwoofer, ensuring even better music experience. In our offer you will also find speakers known Creative firms, which differ not only high quality, but also durability. As in the case of the models of Esperanza, we offer speakers with power via the popular USB port and in fixed specimens with wire and plug for plug socket with a voltage of 230 V. moreover, there is also a speaker, the microphone providing superb sound quality.

Good sound quality, small size

The smallest models of acoustic systems, fully compatible with Raspberry Pi, sizes reach 73x73x70 mm, so you can use them not only on a very small desktop, but also during all kinds of trips, and even in the tent. The small size combined with low weight, for guarantee full mobility. In addition, the computer speakers have a stereo connector, which improves the sound quality not only when watching movies, but during the games and listen to your favorite music.

A wide variety of models

In our offer available dynamics, characterized by different power, size and additional features so that each user can choose a model for their own needs. High quality performance, combined with durability, guarantee complete satisfaction from the purchase.