Elastic matrix 8x32 - 256 RGB LED RGB - WS2812B individually addressed

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The matrix consists of 256 individually addressed RGB LEDs arranged in 8 rows and 32 columns. Each pixel can emit a colour from a 24-bit palette. One microcontroller pin is sufficient to operate the module. The matrix is made of a flexible material, which allows it to be bent.

Elastic matrix 8x32 - 256 RGB LED RGB - WS2812B individually addressed
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Product description: Flexible 8x32 matrix - 256 RGB LEDs - WS2812B individually addressed.

The matrix consists of 256 RGB LEDs, each of which can be controlled separately to display a colour from a 24-bit palette. The elements are evenly distributed in eight rows and thirty-two columns. Only one pin of any microcontroller (e.g.Arduino) is needed to operate the module. The system is powered by 5 V, it consumes maximum 60 mA for each diode (at white).

Elastyczna matryca 8x32 - 256 LED RGB - WS2812B indywidualnie adresowane

The matrix is made of a flexible material, which enables bending. In our offer there are also matrices with other dimensions available (in the picture a matrix 8 x 32 RGB LED). The product cooperates withNeoPixellibrariesfor Arduino.

The applied communication protocol enables serial connection of the dies. Another NeoMatrix should be connected to the output connector, connecting 5 V, GND and DOUT with DIN respectively. The manufacturer points out that when using four or more matrices, the Arduino Uno RAM may not be sufficient. It should also be noted that each subsequent matrix will require an increase in power supply performance.


The device has a 3-pin connector consisting of the following leads:

  • GND- module weight
  • 5 V- supply voltage, current consumption of one diode is maximum 60 mA, which at 256 diodes gives about 15 A
  • DIN- digital control signal from a microcontroller

Arduino compatible product

Manufacturer makes availableArduino library in GitHub servicefor NeoPixel modules together withconnection examples.

8x32 flexible matrix specification

  • Power supply voltage: 5 V
  • Current consumption: maximum 60 mA for one diode, white
  • LEDs used: RGB LED WS2812B
  • Dimensions: 320 x 79 x 2 mm
  • Weight: 55 g

Screen - type Matryca LED
Screen - diagonal 1.3''
Screen - interface GPIO
Screen - touch no
Screen - resolution 8x32 px
Voltage to 5.0 V
Voltage from 5.0 V
Voltage nominal 5 V
Nominal power 25 W
LED - color RGB
LED - type WS2812B
LED - digital yes
LED - LEDs 256
LED lens clear
LED wavelength RGB
Package width 20 cm
Package height 4.5 cm
Package depth 12.5 cm
Package weight 0.106 kg

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Elastic matrix 8x32 - 256 RGB LED RGB - WS2812B individually addressed


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Marcin 12.04.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
The matrix is nice, quite easy to control (Arduino, nice library and manual). However, it is large so it's worth paying attention to the size, not just the number of points. For me 10/10👍️
Jędrzej 01.04.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
It works fine, powered only by Arduino Mega 2560 powered via USB, lights up correctly
Krzysztof 29.01.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Works correctly, in line with the description, great for learning about programmable LEDs.
Dariusz 23.01.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Well, let me tell you, the mattress looks great.
Peter 28.12.2023 Confirmed purchase

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