Solar bird repeller - Viano OP-1

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How to get rid of the problem of birds destroying crops, orchards or buildings? An excellent solution is to use a solar bird repellent from the Polish company Viano. The device is a modern alternative to the popular scarecrow, but it does not imitate the presence of man - instead, it emits sounds similar to those of large predatory birds.

Solar bird repeller - Viano OP-1
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Manufacturer: Viano

Description: Solar bird repellent - Viano OP-1

How to get rid of the problem of birds destroyingcrops, orchardsor buildings? An excellent solution is to use a solar birdrepellentfrom the Polish company Viano. The device is a modern alternative to the popular scarecrow, but it does not imitate the presence of man - instead, it emits sounds similar to those made by large predatorybirds. A deterrentis anequipmentwhich does not harmanimals, but onlygives them signals which are naturally understood by pigeons, crows or sparrows as a signal suggesting their departure froma given area.

Odstraszacz imituje dźwięki ptaków drapieżnych.

A dartboard imitates the sounds of birds of prey.

Harmfulness to birds

Many people with their own buildings, gardens or fields have a problem with the harmfulness ofbirds suchas pigeons, crows, sparrows or starlings. Unfortunately, these animals can generate seriousfinancial lossesby polluting buildings, stealing valuable crops such as cherries and grapes in gardens and orchards or grain in the fields. This is why solutions such as scarecrow are still used. A modern and much more effective way of dealing with bird harm can be theVianosolar scarecrow.

Uchwyt został już do obudowy odstraszacza.

The bracket has already been attached to the deterrent housing.

Bird deterrent systems

The bird deterrent is equipped with alarge and powerfulloudspeaker that can protect up to four thousand square metres of land. To ensure that the range of operation can be adjusted, the unit has a built-in potentiometer which affects the volume of emitted signals. It is also worth noting the installed radar (sonar),which can detect movement within a 360° radius forup to12 meters. The scarecrow can work by combining the functionality of two modes: the first one, which is responsible for generating sound signals every specified unit of time (from 1 minute to 120 minutes), and the second one, which starts it after detecting movement in the area.

Urządzenie zasilane jest przez zasilacz sieciowy dołączony do zestawu.

The device is powered by the mains adapter included in the set.

Solar power operation

The device can be used not only to protect buildings from birds, but also in fields and orchards far away from cities. It can be used anywhere, regardless of the availability of electricity - it is only important that the target location provides constant access to sunlight during the day. The idea is that the equipment can recharge the batteries every day using the built-insolar batteries.The amount of energy needed during the day islowdue to the very high performance ofthe deterrent andthanks to saving systems such as the twilight sensor, which stops work in the evening to resume with thesunrise (the vastmajority of birds have a daily life style).

Dzięki dodatkowemu zasilaniu urządzenie pobiera jeszcze mniej energii elektrycznej z naszej sieci.

Thanks to additional power supply, the device draws even less electricity from our network.

Durable components are a guarantee of long, failure-free operation.

The device is perfectly adapted todifficultweather conditions experienced in Poland. Thanks to the use of high quality resistant components, the repellent is able to work in temperatures even in frost, from -30°Cup to40°C.

Urządzenia są przystosowane do pracy w szerokim zakresie temperatur.

The devices are adapted to work in a wide temperature range.

Autonomous bird deterrent

Thanks to its performance and very good adaptation todifficult conditions,the device is practically completelyautonomous.The set systems switch on automatically and the battery is constantly charged with solar energy. An investment in a bird deterrent ismoneythat will pay for itself very quickly by preventing costly damage.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: solar 12 V or 230 V
  • Standby current consumption: 6 mA
  • Maximum power consumption: 20 mA
  • Detection angle: 360°(vertical and horizontal)
  • Angle of sound: 310°
  • Sound power: 120 dB
  • Motion detection: Radar sensor
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C
  • Operating area: up to 4000m2
  • Dimensions: 225 x 160 mm
  • Weight: 1,3 kg

Voltage to 230 V
Voltage from 230 V
Package width 24.5 cm
Package height 20 cm
Package depth 20 cm
Package weight 1.436 kg

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Solar bird repeller - Viano OP-1


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Dietmar 24.07.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Price / performance ratio is great! German product description would be nice. The big advantage is the solar operation - it has been running trouble-free for two weeks. Would warning sounds of the bird species to be driven away be more effective? Only deal with a few brave starlings (before they used to hang out en masse in my fruit trees). Sparrows have become imperceptibly fewer.
Georg 16.02.2024 Confirmed purchase
Antonín 11.09.2023 Confirmed purchase
Arkadiusz 02.07.2023 Confirmed purchase

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