3D printer - Biqu B1

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3D printer with a workspace that allows you to create models with maximum dimensions: 235 x 235 x 270 mm. The device is controlled by a powerful 32-bit motherboard SKR v1.4. The printer is equipped with a filament sensor and the function of resuming work after restoration of power. On the surface of the heating table of the device there is a magnetic overlay, which provides increased adhesion and easy removal of models at the same time. The printer is supplied as a kit for self-assembly.
3D printer - Biqu B1
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Product description: 3D Printer - Biqu B1

3D printerwith a workspace that allows you to create models with maximum dimensions:235 x 235 x 270 mm. The device is controlled bya powerful 32-bitSKR v1.4motherboard. Biqu B1 allows you to choose between two types of firmware: original Biqu and Marlin. The printer is equipped with afilamentsensor and the function of resuming the work after the restoration of the power supply. On the surface of the heating table of the device there is a magnetic overlay, which provides increased adhesion and at the same time easy removal of models. The printer is delivered as a kit for self-assembly.

Biqu B1 model presentation.
Płyta główna w Biqu B1

BiquB1 motherboard components.

Powerful Motherboard

The Biqu B1 has a powerful32-bit SKR 1.4 motherboardbased on an ARM Cortex-M3 processor. Apart from standard stepper motor sockets (supporting silent TMC controllers), the board features I2C and SPI communication interfaces.

Colour display with backlit encoder

Biqu B1 3D Printer is equipped with aclear display. It allows for easy menu navigation. Control is done with sensitive encoder, which can be backlit with a color chosen by the user.

Kolorowe podświetlenie enkodera

Possibility of choosing encoder illumination color.

Stół grzewczy z magnetyczną nakładką.

Heating table with magnetic overlay.

Heating Table with Magnetic Overlay

Biqu B1 has a heating platform made ofspring steel. On its surface there is amagnetic overlayfitted on both sides, which ensures good adhesion of the printed models. At the same time it enables safe tearing off the finished printout, without the risk of damaging its critical elements.

Easy component connection

Biqu B1 provides easy connectivity to print components. The printhead is connected via aUSB type Ccable to an output port on the body of the printer. Next to it is a socket for optional connection of the BLTouch sensor.The sensoritself isnot included.

Wygodnie ulokowane gniazda podzespołów drukarki

Conveniently located printer component sockets.

Podświetlenie wydruku

Backlit model during printing.

The possibility of highlighting the formed printout

The printer offers the possibility of highlightingthe printed models. This makes the process of creating printouts even more interesting.

Easy to install

The Biqu B1 printer is delivered as akit for self-assembly. However, the assembly of the device is not complicated. It takes a few dozen minutes and should not cause any problems, even for less experienced users.

Assembly of the printer and first start-up ofthe device.

Biqu B1 3D Printer Specifications

Technical specification
Supply voltage: 100 V to 240 V (AC - mains)
Operating voltage: 24 V
Total power: 270 W
Display: LCD
Printing speed Up to 100 mm/s (recommended 60 mm/s)
Printing accuracy: ± 0.05 mm
Printing thickness: 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm
Nozzle diameter: standard: 0.4 mm
Supported filament: PLA, ABS, PTEG, TPU
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Operation mode: SD cards, USB flash drive, cable
File format: .stl, .obj, .amf
Software: Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D
Print size: 235 x 235 x 270 mm
Nozzle temperature: up to 260°C
Table temperature: up to 100°C
3D - print surface 235x235x270 mm
3D - type of printout FFF/FDM
3D - accuracy of printing 0.05 mm
3D - hotend amount 1
3D - filament diameter 1.75 mm
3D - printing speed 100 mm/s
3D - printing thickness 0.1 - 0.3 mm
3D - nozzle temp 260 °C
3D - table temp. 100 °C
Package width 53.5 cm
Package height 19 cm
Package depth 41 cm
Package weight 9.55 kg

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