Genibot School Kit + 4x certified online course

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Educational set with GeniBot robots, completed with primary schools in mind. It contains four GeniBot robots, 8 sets of coding cards and special accessories such as arms for moving objects. The kit also includes the book "Early Childhood Education with GeniBot - Part I" and 4 certified online training.
Genibot School Kit + 4x certified online course
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Product description: Genibot school kit + 4x certified online course

Educational kit with GeniBotrobots, completed with primary schools in mind. It contains four GeniBot robots, 8 sets of coding cards and special accessories such as arms for moving objects. The kit also includes the book "Early Childhood Education with GeniBot - Part I" and 4 certified online training course.

GeniBot - a robot for learning coding offline and online

GeniBot is aneducational robotequipped with a number of functions useful in learning programming. It introduces the youngest users to the world ofmodern technologies, encourages experimentation andstimulates creativity. Working with the robot also develops soft competences, such as logical and algorithmic thinking and a task-oriented approach to problems. Additionally GeniBot "speaks" two languages - Polish and English - so it can behelpful in learning a foreign language.

Certified online course - "The use of GeniBot robots in pre-school and early school education".

The courseconsists ofan eight-hour online trainingdesigned for teachers and educators, as well as for people who want to use GeniBot in their work with children. The training is conducted byprofessional trainers, who using videos, presentations and detailed descriptions show the potential and possibilities of conducting classes with GeniBot. They also demonstrateinteresting activities with robotsand a number of creative applications. The course formula has been designed in such a way that it is possible toreturn to previously learnt material several times. Access to the course isvalid for one yearfrom the date of its activation.

Course programme

  1. Introduction
  2. From coding on the mat to robotics - what to remember, what to pay attention to
  3. Different objects, different ways of coding - introduction to rotations
  4. Before I create my first program... how GeniBot works
  5. Creating the first program - commands responsible for movement
  6. From point A to point B - GeniBot on different educational levels
  7. Encoding with gestures
  8. Introducing repetitions
  9. Loops in GeniBot programming
  10. Functions in GeniBot programming
  11. Conducting robot - introducing music sheets
  12. Maths with GeniBot - addition and subtraction cards
  13. GeniBot and drawing - dedicated cards
  14. Line tracing
  15. Navigating through lines on a grid
  16. Creating a network of robots
  17. GeniBot application

Early Childhood Education

The set includes the book "Early Childhood Education with GeniBot - Part I". It was developed by an educational expertAnna Świć. It contains over 100 pages of ready-made ideas for classes and techniques for teaching. They include lesson scenarios such as:

  • We care about the environment,
  • Noun, verb, adjective - we consolidate parts of speech with the GeniBot,
  • Solar system with GeniBot,
  • Trip around Poland with GeniBot,
  • Square or rectangle - we learn geometrical shapes with GeniBot,
  • 24 hours from the life of GeniBot,
  • Stairs to a loop,
  • Musical code,
  • Mathematical slalom with GeniBot,
  • Healthy eating - we introduce the concept of functions.
Genibot - Edukacja wczesnoszkolna z Genibotem - część I."Genibot - Early childhood education with Genibot - part I".

About the author

Anna Świć - the author of materials about GeniBot - isan ambassador of EduSense brand. Education: teacher and speech therapist, experience: educational expert. She is an enthusiast of using modern technologies in the educational process. She has created many scenarios of didactic activities for children and teachers.

Contents of the set

  • 4 x GeniBot robot
  • 4 x Accessories for Genibot
  • 8 x Additional set of cards
  • 1 x Book "Early childhood education with Genibot - Part I"
  • 4 x Certified online course - Using GeniBot robots in preschool and early school education
  • 1 x USB hub (collective charger)
Age 3-5 lat

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