Zestaw przedszkolny Genibot z matą, krązkami, organizerem, stojaczkami + 4x kurs online

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An educational kit consisting of teaching elements and tools, which was completed with preschool children in mind. It contains four GeniBot robots, 8 sets of coding cards and special accessories, including arms for moving objects. The set also includes the book "Preschool Education with GeniBot - Part I", 4 certified online training with one-year access to training materials, double-sided coding mat and up to 350 double-sided key competence discs.
Zestaw przedszkolny Genibot z matą, krązkami, organizerem, stojaczkami + 4x kurs online
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Description: Genibot kindergarten set with a mat, discs, organizer, racks + 4x online course

Educational kit consisting of teaching elements and tools, which was completed with preschool children in mind. It contains four GeniBot robots, 8 sets of coding cards and special accessories, including arms for moving objects. The set also includes the book "Pre-school education with GeniBot - Part I", 4 certified online training with one-year access to training materials, double-sided coding mat and up to 350 double-sided key competence discs.

GeniBot - robot for learning coding offline and online

GeniBot is aneducational robotequipped with a number of features that are useful while learning programming. In an accessible way it introduces the youngest users to the world ofmodern technologies, encouragesthemto experiment andstimulates their creativity. Working with the robot also influences the development of soft skills. It develops logical and algorithmic thinking as well as a task-oriented approach to problems. Additionally GeniBot "speaks" two languages - Polish and English - so it can be helpful in learning a foreign language.

Certified online course - "The use of GeniBot robots in pre-school and early school education".

This 8-houronlinecourseis designed for teachers and educators, as well as for those who want to use GeniBot in their work with children at preschool and early school age. The training is conducted byprofessional trainerswho, by means of films, presentations and detailed descriptions, discuss the potential and possibilities of conducting classes with GeniBot. At the beginning they teach how to introduce the robot to the didactic classes, and then they smoothly move on to the implementation of projects which use, among others, gesture control. The formula of the course has been designed in such a way as to enable the student toreturn to the previously covered material several times. Access to the course isvalid for one year, counted from the date of activation.

Course programme

  1. Introduction
  2. From coding on the mat to robotics - what to remember, what to pay attention to
  3. Different objects, different ways of coding - introduction of rotations
  4. Before I create my first program... how Genibot works
  5. Creating the first program - commands responsible for movement
  6. From point A to point B - GeniBot on different educational levels
  7. Encoding with gestures
  8. Introducing repetitions
  9. Loops in GeniBot programming
  10. Functions in GeniBot programming
  11. Conducting robot - introducing music sheets
  12. Maths with GeniBot - addition and subtraction cards
  13. GeniBot and drawing - dedicated cards
  14. Line tracing
  15. Navigating through lines on a grid
  16. Creating a network of robots
  17. GeniBot application

Pre-school education

The set includes the book"Preschool Education with GeniBot - Part I", which was developed by Anna Świć - an education expert. It consists of over 100 pages with ready-to-use ideas for classes and techniques for their implementation. Among them there are lesson scenarios such as:

  • Getting to know GeniBot - our first meeting with the robot,
  • GeniBot - a robot programmed using gestures,
  • Recalculating with GeniBot,
  • Yesterday, tomorrow, today - days of the week with GeniBot,
  • Getting to know geometrical figures with GeniBot,
  • Elevator, or getting to know coordinates with GeniBot,
  • GeniBot as a conductor - we code colourful music,
  • A wonderful day with GeniBot - we introduce the concept of loops,
  • Relay with GeniBot - introduction to debugging, 10 My story - GeniBot follows the line,
  • Bigger than, smaller than - we look for the right base,
  • Celebrating a birthday with GeniBot.
Genibot - Edukacja Przedszkolna z Genibotem - część I."GeniBot - Preschool Education with Genibot - Part I".

About the author

Anna Świć is the author of materials about GeniBot and the owner of a training company. She is the brand ambassador of EduSense. She is a teacher and a speech therapist by education. She is an educational expert by experience. She has developed a number of teaching scenarios for children and teachers. She is enthusiastic about the use of modern technology in the educational process.

Contents of the set

  • 4 x GeniBot robot
  • 4 x Accessories for the Genibot
  • 8 x Additional set of cards
  • 1 x Book "Preschool education with Genibot - part I"
  • Certified online course - Using GeniBot robots in preschool and early school education
  • 1 x Double-sided educational mat with the dimensions of 150 x 150 cm
  • 350 double-sided discs of key competences
  • 1 x Organizer for pucks
  • 1 x racks for discs
  • 1 x USB hub (collective charger)
Age 3-5 lat
Package width 27.5 cm
Package height 41 cm
Package depth 160 cm
Package weight 7.4 kg

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