Simple High-Power 24v12 - single-channel USB 40V/12A motor driver - Pololu 1379

Index: PLL-00748 EAN: 5904422306953

Easy-to-use single-channel DC motor driver for self-assembly. It communicates via the computer's USB port , UART TTL interface, analog signal or RC radio interface. The supply voltage is from 5.5 V to 40 V. Continuous current up to 12 A.

Simple High-Power 24v12 - single-channel USB 40V/12A motor driver - Pololu 1379
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Manufacturer: Pololu
Compatibility: Arduino Raspberry Pi


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Product description: Pololu Simple High-Power 24v12 - single-channel USB 40V / 12A motor driver

  • Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 5 mm
  • Cable length:
  • Motor cables: 55 mm
  • Wires for package: 75 mm
  • Cable to receiver: 95 mm
  • Weight (with wires): 8 g
  • Operational current: continuous 10A / 10 min
  • Max. operational current (peak): 15A
  • Plug for receiver: JR type
  • Number of cells: 2 - 3 LiPo
  • Operating voltage: 7.4 - 11.1V
  • Built-in functions: brake programming, timing

The manufacturer provides a detaileduser guide.

The kit requires simple soldering of basic electronic components.

In our offer you will also find anassembled system.

Main features of the Pololu Simple engine controller

  • Easy-to-use bidirectional DC motor controller
  • Power supply: 5.5 V to 30 V (18v7, 18v15, 18v25 versions) and up to 40 V (24v12, 24v23)
  • From 7A to 25A continuous current depending on the version
  • Four communication protocols:
    • USB - direct connection to a computer
    • TTL - serial interface for connection with e.g. a microcontroller
    • Radio signal (RC)
    • Analog input (0 - 3.3 V) - connection of a potentiometer or joysticks
  • Simple configuration via USB (Windows 7, Vista, XP, Linux)
  • Detailed information is available in theinstruction manual

Specification of the Pololu simple motor controller

  • Supply voltage of motors: 5.5 V - 40 V
  • Continuous current: up to 12 A.
  • The maximum frequency of the PWM signal: 21.77 kHz
  • Supply voltage of the logic part: up to 3.3 V
  • Digital inputs are 5V tolerant
  • Number of channels: 1
  • Dimensions: 53.3 x 27.9 x 12.7 mm
  • Weight: 14 g

Detailed information is available in theinstruction manual.

For systems using 24 V supply voltage, we recommend the use of a24v12or24v23 driver. When using18v17,18v15and18v25controllers, there is a risk that the voltage will exceed the permissible value of 24 V at certain moments (e.g. when the batteries are fully charged), which may cause permanent damage to the system.


  • Manualcontaining sample connections and source codes
  • Adjustable start and maximum speed
  • Option to prevent accidental starting of the engine
  • Adjustable PWM frequency from 1 kHz to 22 kHz
  • Can be turned off when the supply voltage is too low
  • LED diode indicating the appearance of errors


HighPower series controllers can communicate through three interfaces:

Computer USB port

  • Communication with a computer through a virtual COM port
  • Sample codesin C #, Visual Basic, .NET, C ++
  • Optional security (CRC control, timeout)
  • Automatic detection of the baud rate (from 1200 bps to 500 kbps)

Remote Control - modeling apparatus

  • Frequencies from 10 to 333 Hz
  • Adjustable parameters for RC signal
  • Two channels
  • Possibility to power the receiver from the BEC system (BEC jumper)

Analog interface

  • Resolution: 12 bits
  • Voltage range: 0 to 3.3V
  • Two analog channels

List of regulators





Voltage: 30 V 30 V 40 V 30 V 40 V
Recommended voltage: 24 V 24 V 34 V 24 V 34 V
Continuous current: 7 A. 15 A. 12 A. 25 A. 23 A.
Width: 28 mm 28 mm 28 mm 31 mm 31 mm
Length: 53 mm 53 mm 53 mm 58 mm 58 mm
Weight*: 7 g 7 g 7 g 12 g 12 g

* - Weight without connectors.

Voltage to 5.5 V
Voltage from 40.0 V
Current 12.0 A
Channels 1

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