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XBee main modules

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XBee 3 wireless communication kit - SparkFun KIT-15936

This kit allows to implement wireless communication to our project with Arduino using XBee 3 modules. The modules support 802.15.4, ZigBee and BLE protocols . UART and SPI...
Index: SPF-16703
Index: SPF-16703
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XBee are modules with great communication possibilities

The XBee modules use the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for short-range wireless communication networks and devices. Data is received and sent via serial transmission, so XBee main modules can easily cooperate with Arduino, a separate microcontroller or a computer, and several XBee modules can be connected in parallel to form a local network in a mesh topology. The wireless communication capabilities of these modules allow them to be used in a variety of applications, such as remote robot control apparatus, remote monitoring systems, building automation with remote control of lighting, roller shutters and other devices, as well as remote transmission of information from measurement sensors.

Ensured compatibility with external embedded systems

XBee modules enable wireless communication using the ZigBee protocol. Among them, the XBee Pro 802.15.4 60mW Series 1 - Wire Antenna module, whose particular strength is its ability to operate in a wireless network with a range of up to 1500m. As most of the embedded systems in our shop's offer, XBee modules can be connected to Arduino via UART interface. In our offer, there are also accessories available which make it possible to use XBee modules to build a small communication centre enabling integrated control of many objects and processes in real time.