Battery holder for 3x D (R20)

Index: DNG-12468 EAN: 5904422319342

Basket for three type D (R20) batteries. The item has two wires with the insulation removed in black and red.

Battery holder for 3x D (R20)
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Product description: Basket for 3 D type batteries (R20)

Basketforthreebatteries type D (R20). It has wires with removed insulation at their ends, which makes the assembly of the device easier. Thewireshave two colours: black, which should be led to the GND, and red, which is responsible for power supply.

Technical specifications of the basket

  • Type: battery basket
  • Type of battery: type D R20
  • Maximum number of cells: 3
  • Connections: two wires with removed insulation

The subject of the sale is the basket itself.R20 batteriescan be purchased separately.

Cell - case R20
Cell 3
Package width 12 cm
Package height 3 cm
Package depth 7 cm
Package weight 0.015 kg

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Battery holder for 3x D (R20)


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