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D / R20 batteries

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Varta LR20 Industrial Pro Alkaline 1.5V battery

LR20 Varta Industrial Pro battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5 V.
4.7 (2)
Index: BAT-04972
Index: BAT-04972
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R20 battery Varta Longlife Power 16500mAh - 2pcs

R20 Varta Longlife Power battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5 V. Price for two pieces.
5.0 (3)
Index: BAT-04971
Index: BAT-04971
Shipping in 24 hours
Regular price €3.50 Price €3.50

Panasonic R20 battery - 2 pcs.

A set of two Panasonic type D batteries . Zinc-carbon batteries are designed for products with low power consumption. The nominal battery voltage is 1.5 V. They are designed...
5.0 (1)
Index: BAL-16653
Index: BAL-16653
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Batteries D R20 – size does matter

The popular types of batteries on the market can be divided into three basic groups of products due to their shape and proportion. The smallest batteries are coin cell batteries. They are cylindrical in shape with a diameter much greater than their length. A perfect example are the popular CR2032 batteries, the thickness of which - with a relatively large diameter - is only 3.2 mm. Another, second group of batteries consists of cylindrical batteries with a diameter usually several times smaller than their length (the vertical, narrow shape of these products suggests their names). This group includes the most common classic (R6) and small (R03) batteries, as well as smaller (eg CR123) and larger (R14 or R20) batteries. The remaining batteries are mainly rectangular models - 9-volt 6F22 or the famous 4.5 V flat batteries, often used in old flashlights.

In practice, however, if we are looking for a battery that will be perfect for very energy-intensive devices, we have to choose really large products. In this sense, size matters - simply it is the battery capacity, apart from technology, that determines how long a battery will last, how much energy it will give to our device.

R20 batteries – a proven choice for many applications

R20 batteries (alkaline equivalents - LR20 batteries) are also referred to by the abbreviation D. These are very proven batteries recommended for use whenever a large amount of energy is needed. Although the market share of R20 / LR20 batteries is currently quite small, R20 cells are still indispensable in many applications characterized by high energy demand. Even the growing popularity of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries does not change the popularity of large, classic, high-capacity batteries of this type. One classic use for Type D batteries is for larger handheld flashlights, although they are still found in some electronic toys as well. Yet another group of applications for such batteries are portable radios. Due to the fact that they often have a lot of power and therefore it is necessary to ensure a long working time, the R20 battery as the main source of high-capacity power supply works really well.

Durable batteries for special tasks

In this category you will find different types of R20 batteries. We offer products of world-renowned, reputable manufacturers such as Varta. Varta Longlife Power R20 batteries are an excellent example of technological optimization resulting in increased energy power. These batteries have a huge capacity of 16,500 mAh (16.5 Ah) and standard dimensions (58 x 33 mm). Voltage: 1.5 V. The presented products are sold in sets containing 2 batteries. For particularly demanding applications, working in harsh environmental conditions, we recommend solid alkaline R20 Varta Industrial batteries, which have an even greater capacity - 17,000 mAh. However, attention should be paid to the very wide safe operating temperature range of these batteries: -10 to +50 Celsius degrees. Such parameters allow the use of these products in various devices (e.g. flashlights) and their use in difficult conditions.