Inveo RFID-USB-DESK (MIF) transponder reader - 13.56 MHz Mifare

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The transponder reader designed for office work, supports Mifare standard tags . The device works after connecting to a USB computer. The reader works on the basis of CDC and HID classes.

Inveo RFID-USB-DESK (MIF) transponder reader - 13.56 MHz Mifare
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Manufacturer: Inveo

Product description: Inveo RFID-USB-DESK transponder reader (MIF) - 13.56MHz Mifare

The transponder reader designed for office work, supports Mifare standard tags.The device works after connecting to aUSBcomputer. The reader works on the basis ofCDCandHIDclasses. It has 3 LEDs that can be assigned to On, Off and On Read events.

Czytnik transponderów

Using the reader in everyday use

The device can be a way to solve the problem of frequent logginginof users on one computer, it will also improve keeping records ofe.g.computerequipment, another project in which we can use the device is a project of our own loyalty systemina shop, fitness club or living roomwe run.


Transponder reader functions

The included configuration software allows us to set theprefixandpostfix ofthe code, moreover, it is possible to define the format of the card code by selecting one of five available formats:

  • Binary- a sequence of five bytes read from the card. Usually, this format is used in the working mode: virtual COM port.
  • HEX LowerCase Letter- the read code has been converted to hexadecimal using lower case letters.
  • HEX UpperCase Letter- the code read was converted to hexadecimal using upper case letters.
  • HEX UpperCase Letter Minus- the code read was converted to hexadecimal using uppercase letters, and a space between bytes appears as a "-" character. For example: 1A-2B-3C-4D-5E,
  • Decimal -the code read is converted to the decimal system.

Another interesting feature is the Read Delay function, which allows us to set the time that has to elapse between the next one reading and the other. The creators of the reader also gave us the possibility to choose several options:

  • Only new TAG- after reading the tag, it is read again after the time specified by the user, but the transponder will be read immediately.
  • No delay- further readings are possible after 0.5 second.
  • User defined- userdefined- it is the user who defines the time, which will be used for each transponder.
Czytnik z przewodem USB

A suitable USB cable is attached to the reader.

Compatibility of the Inveo transponder reader

The reader is compatible withLinuxandWindows, it can also be implemented in many other projects thanks to the possibility of transferring code to the serial port, using the virtualserial portfunction.

Czytnik USB

The reader has a USB port in version B.

Inveo RFID-USB-DESK reader specification

  • Power supply voltage: 5 V DC
  • Communication: USB port
  • Reading distance: approx. 10 cm
  • Supported transponder standard: Mifare
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Dimensions: 91 x57x 22 mm

Length 91 mm
Width 57 mm
Height 22 mm
Voltage to 5.0 V
Voltage from 5.0 V
Voltage nominal 5 V
Frequency to 13.56 MHz
Package width 11.7 cm
Package height 6 cm
Package depth 10.6 cm
Package weight 0.117 kg

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Inveo RFID-USB-DESK (MIF) transponder reader - 13.56 MHz Mifare


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Grzegorz 29.02.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Simple and reliable reader. Works flawlessly.
Andrzej 30.08.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Works great as a keyboard - right away and without any configuration. I recommend.

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