LED RGB Ring WS2812B 5050 x 12 diodes - 50mm

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A ring of 12 individually addressable 5050 RGB LEDs with integrated driver. One pin of the microcontroller is enough to operate the module. The outer diameter of the circle is 50 mm.

LED RGB Ring WS2812B 5050 x 12 diodes - 50mm
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Product Description: RGB LED Ring WS2812B 5050 x 12 LEDs - 50 mm

A ring composed of 12 individually addressable RGB LEDs with an integrated driver. You only need one pin of a microcontroller, such as Arduino, to operate the module. The diodes are placed in equal distances on a circle with the outer diameter of 50 mm. Each draws up to 18 mA, which in this case gives a total value of about 220 mA. The ring can be powered by 5 V.

Pierścień LED RGB

The communication protocol used allows the diodes to be connected in series. The next chain should be connected to the output connector by connecting 5 V, GND and DOUT with DIN respectively. The manufacturer notes that when using more than 500 diodes, there may not be enough RAM in the Arduino Uno chip.

Connecting the LED ring

The device has four leads:
  • GND - module ground
  • 5 V - supply voltage, 18 mA current per one diode
  • Data IN - digital control signal from the microcontroller
  • Data OUT - output for connecting another ring

Product is compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Product works with NeoPixel libraries from Adafruit:

Pierścień LEDWe also offer rings with other dimensions.

Specifications of RGB LED ring WS2812B 5050

  • Supply voltage: 5 V
  • Current consumption: 18 mA for one diode
  • LEDs used: RGB LED WS2812B(documentation)
  • Number of diodes: 12
  • Circle outer diameter: 50 mm

Voltage to 5.0 V
Voltage from 5.0 V
Voltage nominal 5 V
Nominal power 1.2 W
LED - color RGB
LED - type WS2812B
LED - digital yes
LED - LEDs 12
LED lens clear
LED wavelength RGB
Package width 8 cm
Package height 0.5 cm
Package depth 6 cm
Package weight 0.005 kg

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LED RGB Ring WS2812B 5050 x 12 diodes - 50mm


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very well made ring
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Perfect for applications
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Great for my project
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Good led
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