Linear Actuator LACT6P-12V-20 500N 13mm/s 12V - 15cm stroke - Pololu 2307

Index: PLL-05600 EAN: 5904422333751

Linear actuator with 20:1 gear reduction, working load up to 50 kg and a speed of 1.3 cm/sec. It is supplied with 12 V voltage, consumes 500 mA at no load (max 10 A). This version has a 15 cm stroke and a built-in potentiometer, which enables reading the position in the form of analog voltage.

Linear Actuator LACT6P-12V-20 500N 13mm/s 12V - 15cm stroke - Pololu 2307
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Linear actuator with 20:1 gear reduction, working load up to 50 kg and a speed of 1.3 cm/sec. It is supplied with 12 V voltage, consumes 500 mA at no load (max 10 A). When the stroke is locked, this value can increase up to 10 A. There are limit switches on the ends, which prevent the stroke from exceeding the limited range. This version has a 15 cm stroke and a built-in potentiometer, which enables reading the position in the form of analog voltage.




  • Supply voltage: 12 V
  • The parameters for 12 V:
    • Current consumption with no load: 500 mA
    • Maximum supply current (with locked stroke): 10 A
    • Linear velocity: 1.3 cm/sec
    • Maximum load: 50 kg
  • Built-in potentiometer that determines the position output in the form of an analog signal
  • Range of the stroke: 15 cm
  • Weight: 1361 g



The device has the following wires:

  • Red and black - actuator power supply. Depending on the polarity the motor will push the stroke in or out.
  • Yellow - potentiometer power supply - the positive pole VIN.
  • White - potentiometer power supply - ground.
  • Blue - feedback. The analog voltage determining the position of the stroke.


For controlling the actuator you can use any driver with the parameters in accordance with the motor, for example, HighPower systems. In our offer we also have the JRK 21v3 driver, which supports feedback.


Voltage to 12.0 V
Voltage from 12.0 V
Torque 50 kg*cm
Voltage nominal 12 V
Motor - linear speed 13 mm/s
Motor - eject 15 cm

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