VEX Classroom Lab Kit

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Educational set consisting of: mechanical parts, drives (DC motors and servo), sensors and central control module (microcontroller with Cortex M3 core).

VEX Classroom Lab Kit
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What is VEX?

VEX Robotics Design System is a platform that allows users to familiarize themselves with the problems that can be encountered when designing contemporary structures. The system gives an opportunity to develop in many areas of modern technology, including: mechanics, physics, electronics or programming. Clear documentation and numerous examples make learning through practice a pleasure.

The VEX educational set is an offer for both individual clients and student laboratories. Availability of elements in the AutoDesk program allows to design any structure from scratch. During construction the user learns basic concepts and mechanical dependencies. Delivered environments allow creating software in both popular C language and simple ladder system.

VEX Robotics Design System is an excellent way to make the university classes more attractive. The product has successfully passed the exam in North American countries, where students have the opportunity to test their designs in specially organized tournaments. One of the competition is SweptAway, during which the task of the robots is to throw the balls to the opponent's side in an appropriate way (video below).

What's in the set?

1) Elements for the creation of the Protobot.

2. main module

  • The heart of the chip is an STM32 series microcontroller equipped with a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 core.
  • The installed VEXnet wireless network allows for remote control of the design with a joystick.
  • The module has the following features
    • 8 ports to connect 3-wire VEX motors,
    • 2 ports for connecting 2-wire VEX motors,
    • 1 I2C interface port (allowing e.g. for sensors including accelerometers and gyros),
    • 2 UART serial ports (allowing e.g. for data exchange with a PC),
    • 8 analogue inputs (connected to A/C converter),
    • 12 GPIO inputs/outputs with the possibility of using them as external interrupts.
  • Programming of the microcontroller is possible with the supplied easyC and ROBOTC environments.

3 Joystick

The Wireless VEXnet controller, operating both via USB cable and Wireless VEXnet, has among other things:

  • 2 analog knobs,
  • 8 buttons on the front,
  • 4 buttons in the back,
  • built-in accelerometer.

4. set of mechanical components

  • The set allows for the construction of advanced mechanisms including:
  • systems carrying out linear motion
  • systems carrying out angular movement
  • differential drives (differential)
  • high gear ratios with self-locking worm gears

A set of elements for the implementation of advanced mechanical systems.

5.set of gears and chains

Sprockets of different sizes allow to create mechanical systems with different gears. Chains enable the transmission of torque over relatively long distances. The set includes 14 sprockets per belt in five different sizes.

A set of fourteen sprockets and chains.

6. servo

A servo is a type of drive that strives for a fixed position. The rotation range is about 100 degrees.

VEX servo.

7. set of buttons

Two large buttons can be pressed with great force without damage. The signal of the pressed button can be used as an external interruption in the microcontroller.


8 End sensor set

The set includes two limit sensors, which enable the generation of interruptions to the external microcontroller. The systems are useful for limiting the movement of mechanical elements, collision detection, etc.

VEX limit sensors.

9. three-wire cables

Splitters and cablesto extend connections to the motor or servo:

  • 2 extension cables of length: 15cm.
  • 2 extension cables of length: 30cm.
  • 1 extension cable length: 60cm.
  • 1 extension cable of length: 90cm.
  • 2 splitters (Y) with length: 15cm.

Cables and splitters included in the set.

10.VEXnet wireless adapter - USB, USB cable A-A

Adapter for wireless communication (802.11b/g standard) between joystick and main module. The USB cable type A-A enables the connection of USB compatible devices, including the Joystick VEX.

VEXnet wireless adapter - USB (left), USB cable (right).

11.NiMH 200mAh 7.2V NiMH battery with charger

A 7.2V NiMH battery with a capacity of 2000mAh and rechargeability.

Charger for charging all VEX batteries (NiCd, NiMH, 7.2V, 9.6V). It has a function of automatic completion of the charging process. A power cord is also included with the charger.

Charger (left) and NiMH battery (right).

12. reserve battery container

An element that allows you to easily install and connect a popular 9V battery.

13. set of additional mechanical elements

Approximately 600 additional elements to create advanced mechanical structures. The set includes:

  • steel plate 25 x 25 x 2 mm
  • 14 steel flat bars
  • 6 steel angles
  • 18 other steel mounting brackets
  • gears,
  • rollers
  • Screws
  • nuts

14.Crawler vehicle construction kit

Elements for building a tracked robot. Included in the set, among others: crawlers, pulleys, necessary screws and nuts.

15 User documentation

An instruction manual containing specifications and methods of assembly of platform elements. The documentation also describes physical phenomena on the basis of which particular mechanical elements, sensors and electronic systems operate.

16 Autodesk VEX Curriculum Program

An instructional board containing descriptions, technical drawings and exercises to help students understand mechanical relationships, physical phenomena used in contemporary robotics and mechatronics devices.

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