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WisBlock IO Extensions

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OLED display - 0.96 '' 128x64px - WisBlock IO extension - Rak Wireless RAK1921

OLED display in the form of WisBlock IO extension. The screen diagonal is 0.96'' and the resolution is 128 x 64 px . The module is equipped with IC SSD1306 . It displays...
Index: SOC-18974
Index: SOC-18974
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NB-IoT wireless module - WisBlock IO extension - Rak Wireless RAK5860

RAK5860 extension is a module designed to work with WisBlock Base Board RAK5005-O. It provides LTE Cat M1 and LTE Cat NB2 wireless communication for the assembled system. The IO...
5.0 (1)
Index: SOC-18980
Index: SOC-18980
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Extension module - adapter - WisBlock IO extension - Rak Wireless RAK1920

IO extension in the form of an expansion module, which is equipped with two microBUS inputs, two Seeed Grove inputs and one SparkFun input with Qwiic connector. Allows...
Index: SOC-18973
Index: SOC-18973
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WisBlock Series from RAKwireless

WisBlock is a series of products created by Chinese brand RAKwireless. They are designed to create a coherent, modular system including various components for IoT devices and installations, which would allow easy and fast prototyping with the most practical hardware possible. The WisBlock collection includes logic circuits, input and output modules, WisBlock adapters, wired and wireless communication modules, sensors, actuators, network gateways and user interface parts, among others, as well as a wide range of accessories such as enclosures and antennas. In addition, the brand offers development boards and WisBlock extensions for base boards.

WisBlock IO - practical WisBlock extensions

The WisBlock IO collection includes a large selection of WisBlock extensions, designed to extend the functionality of the modules from the series in terms of increasing the number of inputs and outputs or creating a convenient user interface. The offer includes, among others, wireless communication modules (WiFi, LTE, NB-IoT etc.), extensions allowing to communicate using I2C, UART, ADC and GPIO interfaces or NFC readers, memory modules (FLASH, EEPROM), voltage converters and many elements related to the reception and transmission of content, such as OLED screens, microphones or e-paper displays.

Convenient and durable WisBlock extensions

The WisBlock series elements have been designed so that they can be easily connected together in any configuration to obtain new devices and systems. The way of assembling allows for a very simple prototyping of electronic equipment in a short period of time, thanks to which the process of creating new projects from an idea to a ready device becomes much shorter. The creators also pay special attention to maintaining high quality of workmanship of each product, which allows to use the same elements many times in different applications.

WisBlock IO extensions and adapters in Botland offer

In our store you will find a large selection of WisBlock IO adapters and extensions, which are perfect for all electronic projects using WisBlock modules. In this category you will find products such as WisBlock extension adapters, thanks to which you will gain the ability to connect more modules (including those created by other manufacturers such as Seeed Studio or SparkFun). Apart from that, in Botland offer you will find many other useful WisBlock extensions - for example signal converters from analog to digital, voltage converters and pinout expanders extending the number of outputs and adding new ways of communication (USB, RS-485, NB-Iot). We also offer user interface elements which make it easier to send and receive information from the development board - you will find among them high quality OLED screens which are perfect for many projects. On the manufacturer's website there is a detailed user guide, which allows you to learn about the function and operation of each of the basic or extension modules of WisBlock. You will also find there information useful in case of any problems while working with products from this series.