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3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage S

Index: CRL-24891
A 3D printer working with light-cured resin, equipped with a high-quality LCD display with a diagonal of 10.1" and a resolution of 14K . It offers a large working area of 223 x 126 x 230 mm , making it perfect for various applications, from prototypes to decorations and everyday items. The device can form prints at a speed of up to 150 mm/h , which can significantly shorten the implementation time of your project.
3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage S
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Manufacturer: Creality

Product description: 3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage S - resin

Designed for professionals and technology enthusiasts, the Halot-Mage S 3D printer ensures precise detail, speed and ease of use. It is equipped with a 10.1-inch LCD screen with a high resolution of 14K (13320 x 5120 px) and allows you to create extremely detailed and realistic models. The Dynax+ mode in Halot-Mage S optimizes the printing process, enabling speeds of up to 150 mm/h . This means that users can now complete their resin projects in less time. The device has a large working volume of 223 x 126 x 230 mm , making it perfect for various applications, from modeling prototypes to the production of decorative and utility elements.

3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage S - resin.

The high-quality screen allows for perfect reproduction of the shapes and structures of models.

Advanced LCD screen

Creality Halot Mage S is equipped with an advanced 10.1-inch LCD screen with an impressive 14K resolution . This high-quality display guarantees extremely detailed and precise reproduction of details in printed models. With a pixel resolution of only 16.8 x 24.8 μm, each layer is carefully hardened, which translates into flawless print quality.

Dynax movement system

The Dynax system in the Halot-Mage S printer is an advanced technology that significantly increases printing efficiency. Thanks to the dynamic system of raising and lowering the platform in just 1.2 seconds, it allows you to quickly print subsequent layers. Dynax+ mode allows you to achieve printing speeds up to 4 times faster than standard resin printers, which significantly reduces the time needed to complete projects, enabling you to print a 15 cm figurine in just an hour.

In Dynax+ mode, the printer can reach speeds of up to 150 mm/h.

High light uniformity is a guarantee of successful prints.

Precise layer hardening

The device uses an advanced Integral Light Source 3.0 light source, which provides exceptional light uniformity of 90% or higher , ensuring accurate curing of each layer. This technology guarantees excellent print quality regardless of the location. in which the object is on a platform. Thanks to the dimensional precision ranging from 0.02 mm to 0.09 mm, the surface of the prints is smooth and their contours are sharp, which is crucial when printing detailed models.

Work platform with excellent grip

The printer is equipped with an aluminum alloy platform that ensures a uniform first layer. The laser-engraved surface of the plate ensures excellent adhesion of models during printing. It also has an anti-slip adapter that increases friction to 3530 N. Thanks to these solutions, each print is stably mounted on the platform, which minimizes the risk of layers shifting or peeling off.

Specially designed pattern that increases grip.

Air purifier with carbon filter.

Filtration of unpleasant vapors

The built-in intelligent air purification system with a carbon filter effectively reduces unpleasant odors generated when printing with resin. This absorber not only filters the air, but also removes particles that may be harmful, providing a cleaner and healthier working environment . There is also a hole on the back wall of the printer for connecting a ventilation pipe.

Technical specifications of the 3D printer - Creality Halot-Mage S

Print Size: 223 x 126 x 230 mm
Print resolution: 13320 x 5120 px (14K)
XY Resolution: 24.8 µm
LCD screen type: monochrome, 10.1''
Print speed: up to 150 mm/h
Layer height: from 0.05 mm to 0.2 mm
Wavelength: 405nm
Illuminance: 3500 μW/cm² (±10%)
Light Uniformity: >90%
Software: HALOT BOX, CHITUBOX, Tango
Communication: USB, Ethernet, WiFi
Printer dimensions: 333 x 270 x 608 mm
Mass: 13.13 kg

3D - type of printout UV - resin
Package width 41.7 cm
Package height 66 cm
Package depth 34.8 cm
Package weight 16 kg

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