Royal Resin Crystal epoxy resin 0,5kg - casting - colorless

Index: ROY-18827 EAN: 5903672728010
Two component epoxy resin from Royal Resin. Crystal clear and colourless with a high gloss finish. It is UV resistant as well as waterproof, so it can be used wherever coating, laminating, casting or securing is required. The resin cures at room temperature for up to 20 hours. Full cure is achieved after a maximum of 72 hours. It can be combined with additional ingredients such as dyes to obtain any desired colour.
Royal Resin Crystal epoxy resin 0,5kg - casting - colorless
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Royal Resin Crystal epoxy resin - casting - capacity:
Manufacturer: Royal Resin

Product description: Royal Resin Crystal epoxy resin 0,5 kg - casting - colourless

Two component epoxyresinfromRoyal Resin. Crystal clear andcolourless with high gloss. It is UV resistant as well as waterproof so can be used wherever coating,laminating, casting orsecuringis required. The resin cures at room temperature for up to 20 hours.Fullcure is achievedaftera maximum of72 hours. It can be combined with additional ingredients, such asepoxy resin dyes, to obtain any color.

In our offer you can also find transparent and pearl dyes in different colors.

Zestaw składa się z dwóch komponentów: żywicy i utwardzacza The kit consists of two components: resin and hardener.
Zalecane proporcje mieszania komponentów.
Recommended mixing ratio of the components.

Features of Royal Resin Crystal

  • Stable UV coefficient, so resin does not turn yellow
  • Odourless, because it does not contain solvents
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Electrostatic, self-leveling
  • Adheres to most substrates
  • Low viscosity with minimal shrinkage
  • Used for coating, laminating, casting and protecting items such as jewelry, 3D flooring, crafts and tabletops
Technical Specification
Color Transparent
Shelf life of resin 12 months from date of production
Mixing ratio 1:0.27 (e.g. 100 g resin : 27 g hardener)
Working time 20 min. to 40 min.
Curing time Up to 20 hours; fully cured after 72 hours
Shrinkage value Minimal
Recommended thickness of a single layer Up to 5 cm
Mass 0,5 kg
Set contents
  • Component A - resin: 394 g
  • Component B - hardener: 106 g

Colour colorless
Mass 500 g
Package width 25 cm
Package height 11 cm
Package depth 20.5 cm
Package weight 0.75 kg

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Royal Resin Crystal epoxy resin 0,5kg - casting - colorless


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Everything's fine
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Extremely nice surprise :) everything is great
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Great professional service. Top quality merchandise. Nothing to add, less. I will definitely order from you more often
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I used the product to seal the pedestal of a garden lantern.
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