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Educational robots on 6 wheels

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Velleman KSR14 - solar powered rover

The set includes elements to build a robot powered by solar panels. Mounting kit allows you to explore the key issues associated with electronics and mechanics,  while giving...
Index: VEL-10717
Index: VEL-10717
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Six-wheeled educational work

Six-wheeled educational robots are products that attract the attention of adults, children and youth. They are devices that are supposed to teach the user valuable and practical skills through play. This way of teaching has very good results. A child, while playing with one of such products, will at the same time develop their motor skills and creativity and learn the basics of mechanics, electronics or robotics in general. Six-wheeled educational robots are a great gift idea, which at the same time will be a great pleasure for the child and will become a good "teacher" of technical fields.

Why is it worth investing in a six-wheeled educational robot?

It is very important for children to learn about modern technology today. Currently in schools, the young generation is learning how to use electronic devices and the basics of programming from primary school. It is worthwhile to develop in children the passion for such classes, as well as to encourage them to devote more time to learning similar skills. Technological progress around the world is accelerating, which is slowly becoming noticeable to everyone who lives on our planet. With the latest inventions, the life of each of us is becoming easier and more comfortable. Factories can produce products of ever higher quality more efficiently and quickly. Solutions are being introduced that slowly eliminate the negative impact of human activity on the environment. However, certain occupations are slowly being eliminated by machines. In exchange for them, many new jobs are created. For example, the position of a cashier is slowly being replaced by the work of specially adapted devices and systems, while taxi drivers are currently being partially excluded by cars for rent via smartphones, and in time they will be completely replaced by autonomous vehicles. This makes it necessary to teach doctors how to operate operating robots. The situation is similar in the case of many other professions - specialists from all over the world predict that there is already a shortage of well-trained engineers of sciences related to automation, robotics and programming, and in a dozen or so years' time this demand will become even higher. By giving your child the opportunity to learn and develop in these fields, you are investing in his or her future from an early age.

What products can you find in this category?

A perfect example of what we have in our offer is a six-wheeled educational robot - Velleman KSR14. It is an off-road vehicle equipped with special six-wheel suspension and four-wheel drive. One of the most characteristic features of the device is the power supply by solar energy. This is possible thanks to a solar panel mounted on the roof. The product is designed so that the user, with the help of instructions, has to assemble the vehicle himself, acquiring during this process a lot of practical skills and basic knowledge of electronics and mechanics. The Velleman KSR14 will not only prove itself as a toy and a technical science teacher for your child, but can also help with the correct approach to power generation and management. It is very important that the whole world takes decisive action to protect the environment today, before irreversible changes that will harm human life on earth occur, and proper education of the youngest generations is one of the most important steps in this direction.