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Broadlink home automation

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Temperature and humidity sensor for Broadlink RM4 mini/Pro remote controll

Cable equipped with a Broadlink temperature and humidity sensor , which is compatible with Broadlink RM4 mini and RM4 Pro control panels. By connecting the cable to the RM4...
Index: INN-17453
Index: INN-17453
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BroadLink RM4 Pro control station - universal remote control - IR / 433MHz

Broadlink RM4 Pro has the IR transmitter capabilities and radio waves of 433MHz. Thanks to that, it works as a universal remote control controlled through Wi-Fi network using...
Index: INN-12922
Index: INN-12922
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BroadLink RM4 mini - control station - universal IR remote control

BroadLink RM4 mini is a small device that allows you to control all devices equipped with IR receiver , such as: TV sets, set-top boxes, music equipment. The device...
Index: INN-17452
Index: INN-17452
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BroadLink - modern solutions for intelligent buildings

BroadLink modules are great additions that will allow you to expand your home with practical and interesting functions. By using the mobile application, you can control your home via a Wi-Fi wireless network. In this way, activities such as closing or opening the electric gate, switching on and off the lighting on the property, as well as controlling the parameters of air conditioning and heating. The manufacturer also offers a dedicated E-Control application, available for free download in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. Using BroadLink modules you can build an advanced intelligent installation that can perform even tasks such as simulating the presence of people at home with an alarm system that will immediately notify you in the event of unauthorized entry. By using BroadLink home automation devices, you can increase a safety and comfort level of your home like never ever earlier!

BroadLink - sensors and buttons for intelligent buildings

Our store offers high-quality sensors, buttons and other elements of the BroadLink system, with which you can build a small and comprehensive control centre for home automation devices. The majority of BroadLink devices offered by Botland store is equipped with a Wi-Fi wireless communication module - in this way you can control any device from a phone, PC or tablet - from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, BroadLink wall buttons offered by our store have a built-in wireless communication module, which, unlike Wi-Fi modules, operates at 433MHz radio frequency. We also offer a switch controlled by Wi-Fi, which allows advanced control of the activation and deactivation of electricity receivers (e.g. heating, air conditioning, lighting, motors) with a total power of up to 2500W. In contrast, intelligent converters for 230VAC power sockets will allow you to monitor energy consumption. By this way, you can reduce maintenance costs very much!