Power supply for LED strips - 12V / 5A / 60W

Index: ZAS-09646 EAN: 5901874270115

Stable, switched-mode, industrial power supply for powering LED strips. Voltage: from 110 V to 220 V. Output voltage: 12 VDC. Output current: 5 A. Equipped with a terminal strip.

Power supply for LED strips - 12V / 5A / 60W
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  • Supply voltage: from 110V to 220V AC
  • Output voltage: 12 V DC
  • Output current: 5 A
  • Capacity: 60 To
  • Pluggable terminal strip for wire connection
  • One output channels
  • A stabilized, network, industrial power supply
  • Dimensions power supply unit: 111 x 78 x 35 mm
Voltage output from 12.0 V
Output voltage to 12.0 V
Nominal output voltage 12.0 V
Nominal power 60 W
Current 5 A
Power supply - type mounting
Power supply - Plug ARK screw
Package width 4.704 cm
Package height 16.5 cm
Package depth 4.102 cm
Package weight 0.176 kg



Question: Hello, is there a wiring diagram for this power supply ? output , input , where which + and - in sequence ?
Answer: The appearance of the power supply's leads should correspond to the photo I am sending in the attachment. From left:
Power supply:
L: phase wire
N: neutral wire
Symbol in the middle (three horizontal dashes): ground
- V: power (-) of LED strip
+ V: power (+) of LED strip


Question: Good day. Why do you sell power supplies in Poland with a supply voltage of 110V-220V? In our country there is 230V mains voltage.
Answer: Devices described as 220V in the vast majority work correctly at a voltage 10% higher as well as 10% lower.
The range of acceptable voltage variations at this point is 207V to 253V.
The commonly used value, 230V, is the rms value of the voltage.

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