Nvidia Jetson Nano B01 - ARM Cortex A57 4x 1,43GHz, Nvidia Maxwell + 4GB RAM

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The Nvidia Jetson Nano B01development kit is a new version of the Jetson Nano minicomputer equipped with a 1.43 GHz ARMCortex A57 Quad-Core processoranda Nvidia Maxwell GPU with 128 CUDA cores . The minicomputer has 4 GB ofDDR4 RAM, Ethernet Gigabit port , HDMI andDisplay ports, 4x USB 3.0 , GPIO, I2C, I2S, SPI, UART, 2x camera connectors and microSD card slot.

Nvidia Jetson Nano B01 - ARM Cortex A57 4x 1,43GHz, Nvidia Maxwell + 4GB RAM
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Product description: Nvidia Jetson Nano B01 - ARM Cortex A57 4x 1.43 GHz, Nvidia Maxwell + 4 GB RAM

The Nvidia Jetson Nano B01 development kit is a new version of the Jetson Nano minicomputer equipped withwith a quad-core ARM Cortex A57 processorwith1.43 GHz and Nvidia Maxwell GPU with 128 CUDA cores. The minicomputer has 4 GB ofDDR4 RAM,Ethernet Gigabit port, HDMI and Display ports, 4x USB 3.0, GPIO, I2C, I2S, SPI, UART and microSD cardslot. A novelty in the B01 model are twocamera connectors,allowing it to be used for stereographic recordings.

Widok z góry

Top view of Nvidia Jetson Nano B01 mini-computer.

Purpose of the minicomputer

The Nvidia Jetson Nano B01 Minicomputer is a powerful tool designed forArtificial Intelligenceissues. This small computer enables us to runmultiple neural networksin applications that perform image classification, object detection and segmentation and voice command processing. It can be used in many industries related to automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. Thanks to the application ofGrove PiHATIt is possible to work with multiple sensors from the Grove series simultaneously.

Płytka Jetson Nano B01

Rear side of Jetson Nano B01 plate.

What do you need to run the Nvidia Jetson Nano B01?

  • A microSD memory card- a medium for our operating system

  • Power supply - 5 V/ 2 A via microUSB cable

  • HDMI cable- to connect the device to the display
  • Mouse and keyboard- to enter the necessary data and operate the system
  • Internet connection- to download software

Chłodzenie pasywne umieszczone na płytce

Passive cooling placed on the board.

Nvidia Jetson Nano B01 minicomputer communication

The minicomputer is equipped with basic communication interfaces known from standard PCs or Raspberry Pi:

  • Four USB 3.0 connectors -You can connect peripheral devices such as mouse, keyboard or WiFi network card to the USB ports. It is also possible to increase the number of available USB ports by using USB Hubs.
  • Gigabit Ethernet socket, - a socket for connecting the minicomputer to the network using a cable terminated with an RJ-45 plug, the module also supports PoE power supply.
  • GPIO-input/output connectors to whichwe can connect, among others, LEDs, buttons, controllersengineThis or finished caps e.g.Grove PiHAT. Among them there are also pins supporting interfaces: I2C, I2S, SPI and UART.
  • MicroSD slot- A slot for the memory carrier that will hold our operating system.
  • Two camera connectors- enable connection of cameras compatible with the Raspberry Pi camera connector.

Złącza na płytce Video, USB, Ethernet and DC Jack power connectors.

Minicomputer power supply

The module uses a microUSB connector for power supply, in this case the voltage should be5 Vand the current capacity2 A. The system can also be powered by a5.5 / 2.1 mm DCjack connector,in this case a 4 A power supply is required. There arecompatible power suppliesin our shop.

First steps with the Jetson Nano minicomputer

Jetson Nano is a minicomputer offering great possibilities for a user who knows how to get the most out of it. The manufacturer of this small computer, Nvidia, is helping to do this by providingafree English languagecoursethat willhelpusers who are beginning their adventure with the Nvidia Jetson Nano minicomputerto take theirfirst steps.

Różnice między nową rewizją, a starąThe differences between the older A02 revision and the new B01 revision.

Comparison and specification

Basic information
Model Nvidia Jetson Nano Nvidia Jetson Nano
Version B01 A02
Technical Specification
Core ARM Cortex A57 Quad-Core

ARM Cortex A57 Quad-Core

Operating systems

Linux OS

Linux OS

Clocking 1.43 GHz 1.43 GHz
Memory RAM 4 GB LPDDR4, 64-bit 4 GB LPDDR4, 64-bit
Memory microSD card

microSD card

GPIO socket

40-pin connector (2x20 pin)

raster 2.54 mm

40-pin (2x20 pin) connector
2.54 mm raster

Power supply

5,1 V / 2 A

via microUSB

5 V / 2 A

via microUSB

Dimensions of the tiles 100 x 80 x 29 mm 69,6 x 45 mm
USB interface 4x USB 3.0 - socket type A

4x USB 3.0 - socket type A

Network interface 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port
WiFi interface

none, dongle

none, dongle
Bluetooth none, dongle none, dongle
Camera 2x CSI socket CSI socket
Touchscreen display No No
Video 4K / 60 fps (H.264/H.265) 4K / 60 fps (H.264/H.265)
Communication UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, GPIO


UC - Core ARM Cortex A57
UC - core 4. Quad Core
UC - Digital pins 40
UC - External memory microSD card
UC - freq 1.43 GHz
UC - Ethernet yes
UC - microSD yes
UC - HDMI yes
UC - I2C yes
UC - UART yes
UC - Connector 5V microUSB
UC - SPI interface yes
UC - LCD interface no
UC - Camera interface yes
UC - Linux yes
UC - Android no
UC - Windows no
Package width 16.5 cm
Package height 4.5 cm
Package depth 11 cm
Package weight 0.249 kg

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