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Magnesy Ferrytowe, Ceramiczne

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Ferrite magnet cylindrical - 20x3mm - 5pcs

Y30 permanent ferrite magnet with the dimensions of 20 x 3 mm. It has a high resistance to corrosion, gases, salts, lubricants, acids and demagnetization. The operating...
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Index: MAG-04840
Index: MAG-04840
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Ferrite magnet - 10x5mm

Y30 permanent ferrite magnet with the dimensions of 10 x 5 mm. It has a high resistance to corrosion, gases, salts, lubricants, acids and demagnetization. The operating...
Index: MAG-05586
Index: MAG-05586
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Magnet horseshoe - 59x49x9mm

The magnet is horseshoe shaped with a size of 59 x 49 x 9 mm. It helps, for example, capture small screws.
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Index: MAG-08496
Index: MAG-08496
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Ferrite magnet - 20x20x5mm

Ferrite permanent magnet Y30 with dimensions of 20 x 20 x 5 mm. It has high resistance to corrosion, gases, salts, greases, acids and demagnetization. The operating temperature...
Index: MAG-05587
Index: MAG-05587
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Ferrite magnet - what is worth knowing about it?

These magnets are made of ceramic sinters and iron oxides. For their production, strontium ferrite (SrFe12O19) and barium ferrite (BaFe12O19) are used. Ferrite magnets are made by two methods, the so-called dry and wet ones. Ferrite magnets are characterized by high resistance to corrosion, so they can be successfully used outdoors. Moreover, it can be safely exposed to salts, various gases, lubricants and even acids. The ferrite magnet variety is distinguished by the high resistance to demagnetization. In practice it means a long life also in case of the intensive use in various conditions.

In our shop's assortment you will find magnets characterized by various shapes, sizes and weights. We offer cylindrical, plate and horseshoe shaped variants. We offer magnet sets containing e.g. 5 pieces of magnets as well as single items.

Application of ferrite magnets

On account of their properties and affordable price, the magnets described here are distinguished by their universal application and versatile use. Where can you find ferrite magnets?

  • This type of magnets is widely used in the furniture industry, more precisely in magnetic locks.
  • Another application is in various measuring instruments, e.g. water meters. Ferrite magnets are also a part of loudspeakers.
  • Furthermore, it is used in magnetic lifters, separators, magnetic clutches, generators and electric motors.
  • It is also worth mentioning that magnets of this type are used in magnetic jacks and chucks and even compasses.

Depending on the specific model and production technique, the ferrite magnet can operate in a wide range of operating temperatures. In this category you will find items that maintain their properties and allow safe operation even at a temperature of 300 °C.

What else distinguishes a ferrite magnet?

Magnets available in our assortment are characterized by a high resistivity that means they can be used in variable magnetic fields. In most cases, the magnets are dark grey in colour. The exception are the models painted in blue and red for quick polarity distinction. Due to the way magnets are produced, they are susceptible to mechanical damage, especially to falls from heights that may cause splitting.

Ferrite and neodymium magnets - the most important differences

Neodymium magnets, as opposed to ferrite magnets, must be protected with an additional coating. In practice it means more aesthetic appearance. However, neodymium is more susceptible to high temperature. Ferrite magnets on the other hand are more resistant to corrosion. What is more, they cause significantly less interference to devices in their vicinity. This is especially important in case of hearing aids, pacemakers and other such devices. A neodymium magnet is characterized by a higher energy density, and thus a very strong attraction. In everyday use, this gives the possibility of a much wider range of applications.

Should you have any questions concerning ferrite magnets, neodymium magnets or other products available in our shop, feel free to contact us. Our consultants will be happy to help you choose a model tailored to your needs and expectations.