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BBMagic Button - Wirelles button module

Index: BBM-15520 EAN: 5904422363178

The wireless BBMagic Button is equipped with a button with the possibility of connecting an external switch, with its help you can send 6 different messages to Raspberry using only 2 buttons - 3 messages for each. It is powered from 1.8 V to 3.6 V. The module is compatible with the Raspberry and communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

BBMagic Button - Wirelles button module
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Manufacturer: BBMagic

Product description: Wireless module with button

The wireless BBMagic Button is equipped with a button with the possibility ofconnecting an external switch, with its help you can send6 different messagesto Raspberryusingonly 2 buttons -3 messages foreach. It is powered from 1.8 V to 3.6 V.The module is compatible withthe Raspberryand communicates viaBluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

BBMagic Button - Wireless module with button

BBmagic Button - wyprowadzenia modułu



The weight of the system.


Configure push button signalling:

  • Connection to ground: the built-in red LED signals when pressed.
  • No connection: the LED is switched off. Signalling pulses appear on pin 15. Alternatively, the LED can be connected with a serial resistor to pin 15 and 16. It is recommended to use a resistor between 1 kΩ and 4.7 kΩ.


Digital inputs are active with a grounded input, sampled each time a button is pressed.


Power input, supply voltage from 1.8 V to 3.6 V.


Soldering pads for the holder for CR2032 pastille battery: 21(+) i 22(-).


The pads are used to solder the stabilizer, in order to supply the module with higher voltage.


Power input for stabilizer with reverse polarity protection.


Pads for soldering a10 kΩphotoresistor.Lighting level is measured just after pressing the button.


Unused pins


Pads for connecting an alternative LED with a serial resistor. 15 (anode) with a serial resistor, 16 (cathode). Pulses appear when pin 2 is not connected to ground.


Pads to connect the second button.

Communication of the BBMagic Button module - Wireless module with button

The module communicates viaBluetooth Low Energy,the communication is encrypted and signed digitally with the AES-128 symmetrical block code. The device can communicate directly with Raspberry PiviaBluetooth Smart.

BBMagic Button - bezprzewodowy moduł przełacznika

BBMagic Button module - Wireless button module.

The manufacturer has prepared the source code of the application allowing to process data from BBMagic modules.

They are available on the manufacturer's website in theDownloadtab, additionally prepared a short guide to working withbbm_scanner appliqué.

Operation of the BBMagic Button - Wireless module with a button

Each press of any of the buttons sends "ALIVE" information to Raspberry. The content of the bufferis defined in the file bbmagic_lib.h. A sample program can be found onthe manufacturer's website.

bbmm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_TYPE] Specify the type of module that sent the data.

User-called function.

1 - single click on the PCB button,

2 - double click on the PCB button,

3 - holding down the PCB button,

11 - single button click on pins 24.25,

12 - double click on pins 24.25,

13 - holding the button on the pins 24.25

bbm_buf[BBM_METEO_V_SUP] The current supply voltage of the module must be divided by 71 to obtain the voltage in volts.
bbm_buf[BBM_BUTTON_INPUT_PINS]. Status of digital inputs of the module.
bbm_buf[BBM_BUTTON_CHIP_TEMP] Temperature given in degrees Celsius (coding U2).
bbmm_buf[BBM_BUTTON_LIGHT]. Lighting level, Range 0 to 255.
bbmm_buf[BBM_BUTTON_FIRM_0]] Firmware version number. Junior byte.
bbmm_buf[BBM_BUTTON_FIRM_1] Firmware version number. Older byte.

Module address - youngest byte 0.

bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_1]. Module address - next byte 1.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_2]. Module address - next byte 2.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_3]. Module address - next byte 3.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_4]. Module address - next byte 4.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_ADDR_5]. Module address - next byte 5.
bbm_buf[BBMAGIC_DEVICE_RSSI]. Power of received radio signal in dBm.

Specification BBMagic Button - Wireless push button module

  • Power supply for the module:
    • Directly: 1.8 V to 3.6 V
    • Stabiliser: output 2.5 to 3.6 V
    • Battery CR2032 - after soldering the handle
  • Soldering pads for additional button
  • Monitoring the state of the supply voltage
  • Chip temperature measurement
  • Radio communication indicated by an LED
  • Encrypted and digitally signed communication AES-128
  • Dimensions: 46 x 22 mm

Switch - type2 monostable
Package width 2.7 cm
Package height 4.6 cm
Package depth 0.7 cm
Package weight 0.005 kg

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