S8V9F6 - step-up/step-down inverter - 6V 1.5A - Pololu 4966

Index: PLL-23803
The S8V9F6 converter is an effective step-up/step-down device, providing a regulated output voltage of 6 V with an input voltage range of 1.4 V to 16 V. It is the perfect solution for a variety of applications, providing high performance, stability and advanced security features.
S8V9F6 - step-up/step-down inverter - 6V 1.5A - Pololu 4966
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Manufacturer: Pololu

Product description: S8V9F6 - step-up / step-down converter - 6 V 1.5 A - Pololu 4966

The S8V9F6 converter is an efficient DC regulator that allows both step-up and step-down of the input voltage to a regulated 6 V output voltage. It has a wide input voltage range from 1.4 V to 16 V , which makes it an ideal solution for applications powered by various sources, including batteries . With typical efficiency values ranging from 80% to 90% , the S8V9F6 converter offers stable and efficient power delivery, minimizing energy losses and reducing heat generation. It also provides the ability to provide a continuous output current of 1 A to 1.5 A when the input voltage is close to the output voltage. Safety features such as input voltage lock, overcurrent and overheating protection ensure reliable and safe operation of the device. Additionally, the soft-start function limits the turn-on current, protecting components from damage, and the sleep function allows you to save energy in idle mode.

S8V9F6 - step-up / step-down converter - 6 V 1.5 A - Pololu 4966

S8V9F6 - step-up / step-down converter - 6 V 1.5 A - Pololu 4966.

S8V9F6 - step-up / step-down converter - 6 V 1.5 A - Pololu 4966

The device processes a wide range of input voltage and sets a constant value of 6 V.

Main features of the converter

  • Input voltage range: 1.4V to 16V
  • Output voltage: 6V with an accuracy of 4%
  • Typical maximum continuous output current: 1 A to 1.5 A, depending on input voltage
  • Typical efficiency: 80% to 90%, depending on input voltage and load
  • Typical quiescent current below 4 mA, which can be reduced from 10 µA to 15 µA per volt per VIN by turning off the board
  • Soft-start function that limits the turn-on current and gradually increases the output voltage at start-up
  • Protection against excessive current and overheating
  • Input voltage lock
  • Energy saving function ensuring high efficiency at low currents
  • Compact size: 10.2 x 16.5 x 2.6 mm makes it easy to integrate with various types of boards

Pinouts of the S8V9F6 converter

The converter has through-holes spaced 0.1" apart along the edge of the board, which makes it compatible with standard breadboards and solderless perforated boards and connectors that use a 0.1" mesh. You can connect the wires directly to the board or solder them to the included goldpin strip as needed.

  • VOUT - output voltage 6 V
  • GND - system ground
  • VIN - input voltage from 1.4 V to 16 V
  • EN - allows you to control the regulator's operation by setting it to low or high
S8V9F6 - step-up / step-down converter - 6 V 1.5 A - Pololu 4966

Pinouts of the S8V9F6 converter.

Security available

The S8V9F6 converter is equipped with a number of protections ensuring safe and reliable operation.

  • Undervoltage protection: prevents the inverter from operating when the input voltage drops below the minimum value, protecting it from damage.
  • Over Current Protection: Monitors the output current and automatically shuts down the drive if it exceeds a set limit, protecting it from overload.
  • Overheating protection: if the safe operating temperature is exceeded, the inverter automatically turns off, preventing thermal damage.

Thanks to these protections, you can be sure that the converter will operate safely and reliably, even in difficult operating conditions.

Technical specifications of the S8V9F6 converter

  • Input voltage: 1.4V to 16V
  • Minimum starting voltage: 2.7 V
  • Output voltage: 6V (with an accuracy of 4%)
  • Maximum output current: 1.5 A
  • Continuous output current: 1 A to 1.5 A
  • System efficiency: 80% to 90%
  • Protections: overheating, soft start function, undervoltage lock, energy saving function
  • Dimensions: 0.2 x 16.5 x 2.6 mm
  • Weight: 0.8 g

Set contents

  • S8V9F6 - step-up / step-down converter - 6 V 1.5 A - Pololu 4966
  • Goldpin strip, straight 4-pin, 2.54 mm pitch
  • Goldpin strip, angular, 4-pin, 2.54 mm pitch
S8V9F6 - step-up / step-down converter - 6 V 1.5 A - Pololu 4966

Elements included in the set.

Voltage to 1.4 V
Voltage from 16.0 V
Voltage output from 6.0 V
Output voltage to 6.0 V
Nominal output voltage 6.0 V
Current 1.5 A
Stabilizer - Type2 switching
Stabilizer - Type step-up/down
Package width 7.7 cm
Package height 8 cm
Package depth 0.5 cm
Package weight 0.002 kg

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