RoboClaw ST 2x45A USB V5 - two-channel 34V/45A engine controller - Pololu 2398

Index: PLL-05439 EAN: 5904422333515

Dual-channel driver for DC motors. Communicates via the microUSB port, UART TTL protocol, analog signal or RC radio interface. The supply voltage ranges from 6 V to 34 V.The DC is 45 A, the maximum, transient: 60 A. This version has soldered screws.

RoboClaw ST 2x45A USB V5 - two-channel 34V/45A engine controller - Pololu 2398
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Manufacturer: Pololu
Compatibility: Arduino Raspberry Pi


The driver allows to control two DC motors powered by voltage from 6 Volts to 34 V with continuous current consumption of up to 45 A (temporary up to 60 A). System RoboClaw communicates through computer's USB port, the digital signal UART, TTL, radio RC interface,or analog signal. This version has soldered screw connectors.


RoboClaw ST 2x45A USB - dwukanałowy sterownik silników 34V / 45AThis version has the screw connections to connect the control signals.

Key features

  • Supply voltage from 6 V to 34 V
  • Continuous current per channel: up to 45 A
  • Instantaneous current per channel: up to 60 A
  • Communication:
    • USB - emulated COM port -the microUSB cable, please, purchase separately.
    • UART serial interface - TTL
    • The signal from the RC radio receiver
    • Analog voltage ranging from 0 V to 2 V (tolerates the value of 5 V)
  • Feedback, for example, for a PID loop:
    • The possibility to connect the square encoders with a resolution of up to 19.6 million pulses per second
    • The position control using analog encoders (potentiometers)
    • The possibility to work without feedback, so called open control loop
  • Mounted screw terminal facilitating the connection
  • The possibility of configuration via built-in buttons
  • The possibility of attaching the BEC regulator using the jumper
  • Monitor of battery charge, cut-off of the voltage at too low voltage
  • Board sizes: 74 x 52 mm
  • Weight: 63 g


The manufacturer provides:


Comparison of RoboClaw drivers


  2x7A 2x15A 2x30A 2x45A 2x60A
Number of channels: 2
Voltage: from 6 V to 34 V
Continuous current: 7.5 A 15 A 30 A 45 A 60 A
Instantaneous current: 15 A 30 A 60 A 60 A 120 A
Current BEC 5 V: 150 mA 3 A 3 A 3 A 3 A
Width: 42 mm 52 mm 52 mm 52 mm 86 mm
Length: 48 mm 74 mm 74 mm 74 mm 100 mm
Weight: 18 g 60 g 60 g 63 g 295 g




Voltage to 6.0 V
Voltage from 35.0 V
Current 45 A
Channels 2
Package width 0 cm
Package weight 0.075 kg

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