L298N Dual H Bridge DC StepperMotor Driver Board - Iduino ST1112

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L298N dual channel DC motor controller module. It is powered from 5 V to 46 V. The maximum channel current is 2 A. The chip has a built-in 5 V voltage regulator to supply the logic part.

L298N Dual H Bridge DC StepperMotor Driver Board - Iduino ST1112
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Product description: L298N dual channel motor controller - WB291111 module - Iduino ST1112

Module with popular L298N controller, which allows to control direction and speed of two DC motors. Thanks to ARK screw connectors, power supply and motors themselves can be easily connected by screwing wires with a screwdriver. Control signals are connected to popular goldpin connectors, allowing to connect the circuit to run boards, such as Arduino, using wires.

For Arduino users, there's a sample program available, making the module easy to use.


Pin Description
VMS Supply voltage for motors from 5 V to 46 V.
5V Power supply of the logic part after the stabilizer - active after removing the 5V jumper.
GND System ground
Motor A channel outputs.
Outputs of motor channel B.
ENA PWM signal for speed control of motor A.
IN1, IN2 Direction control of motor channel A
ENB PWM signal for motor speed control B.
IN3, IN4 Direction control of channel B

L298 controller truth table

IN1 / IN3

IN2 / IN4

Motor outputs


low state
The motor turns clockwise at the maximum speed set by pwm (different from 0).
low state
The motor turns at the maximum speed set via pwm (different from 0) counterclockwise.
low state
When the high state is given to the PWM input - the motor is braked quickly (fast stop).
high state


high state

When the high state is given to the PWM input - fast motor braking (fast stop).
high state

When the low state is given to the PWM input - free braking (soft stop).


Video describing the operation of the H-bridge - DC motor driver.

Motor driver specification

  • Supply voltage: from 5 V to 46 V
  • Supply voltage of the logic part: 5 V
  • Built-in 5 V voltage regulator for the logic part with the possibility to disconnect it using a jumper
  • Maximum output current: 2 A per channel
  • The module allows control of two DC motors or one stepper motor
  • Motor outputs and power inputs are connected to ARK screw terminals
  • Input pins of the logic part are available on goldpin connectors - 2,54 mm pitch
  • On the board, there are all the necessary passive elements for proper operation of the controller
  • The circuit has a radiator mounted
  • Board dimensions are: 60 x 55 x 30 mm

You can also find L298 chip in our offer.

Voltage to 5.0 V
Voltage from 46 V
Current 2 A
Channels 2
Package width 5.8 cm
Package height 6.5 cm
Package depth 3.5 cm
Package weight 0.033 kg

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L298N Dual H Bridge DC StepperMotor Driver Board - Iduino ST1112


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