Gearmotor 25Dx56L 227: 1 12V 33RPM + CPR 48 encoder

Index: PLL-12587

Mid-range 227:1, 33 rpm, torque 23 kg*cm (2.26 Nm). The device has a quadrature encoder with a resolution of 48 pulses per revolution (10884.47 pulses per revolution).

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Manufacturer: Pololu


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Supply voltage 12 V
Gearbox: 226,76 : 1
Dimensions 68 x 25 mm(details on technical drawing)
Shaft diameter: 4 mm
The weight: 107 g
Encoder resolution: 48 pulses per revolution (after gear 10884.47)
Parameters for 12 V supply
Speed: 33 rpm
Torque: 23 kg*cm (2.26 Nm)
Average power consumption: 200 mA
Maximum power consumption: 2100 mA


In our offer you will also find dedicated accessories:

Special mountings and4mmHubsformounting wheels have been designed for engines.


Hall effect sensors detect pulses on a rotating magnetic disk at the back of the engine. Square encoders allow measurement with a resolution of 64 pulses per motor shaft revolution. After the gearbox, this is the right number of times more.

The outputs:

  • Red- motor power supply
  • Black -engine power
  • Green- encoder mass potential
  • Blue- Encoder power supply (3.5 V - 20 V)
  • Yellow -encoder A output
  • White- encoder B output

The figure shows the signal from both encoder channels. The B signal is shifted in phase relative to the A signal by 90 degrees.

Diameter 25 mm
Length 68 mm
Voltage to 6.0 V
Voltage from 12.0 V
Motor - current 200 mA
Motor - gear 227:1
Rotation speed 33 obr/min
Torque 23.0 kg*cm
Mass 107 g
Motor - shaft 4 mm

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