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BGA soldering stations

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WEP 853AAA 3in1 soldering station - preheater + soldering tip + hotair with fan in the flask

Soldering station which is a combination of hotair, soldering iron and heater. It has a total capacity of 1270 W. It is equipped in e.g. a convenient temperature regulation,...
Index: LUT-06364
Index: LUT-06364
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WEP 853AAA+ 3in1 soldering station - preheater + soldering tip + hotair with fan

Soldering station, which is a combination of hotair iron, tip-based soldering iron and heater. It has a total capacity of 1270 W. Equipped with a convenient temperature...
Index: LUT-13245
Index: LUT-13245
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Soldering station 3in1 Yihua 853AAA - preheater + + tip-based + hotair with fan

Soldering station, which is a combination of hotair iron, tip-based soldering iron and preheater. It has a total capacity of 1270 W. It is equipped, in particular, with a...
Index: DLT-10678
Index: DLT-10678
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BGA soldering station - application

BGA soldering station is a tool designed for servicing BGA type integrated circuits, which are a special case of surface mounted devices (SMD). This type of assembly is used where it is necessary to replace damaged components, or to reinstall them in order to correct errors in assembly or to eliminate the faulty soldering points, on which there may have been crushed tin and loss of contact (so-called cold soldering). BGA components are mounted on a special die consisting of balls of tin. However, the use of BGA soldering stations is wider and can also include soldering of other SMD ICs, i.e. in QFN enclosures and other surface mount enclosures, where access to the solder fields or their lead frames makes precise assembly using traditional soldering techniques impossible or difficult.

BGA soldering stations - comprehensive, complete sets for professional service applications

Offered by our store BGA soldering stations, in addition to preheating board, also have hot air blower modules and soldering tip. Each module has an independent temperature control. With such equipment, 3-in-1 BGA soldering station is a complete soldering kit, allowing you to perform most work related to the maintenance of consumer and professional electronics.

Infrared BGA soldering station in service practice - how to properly perform reballing?

Disassembly and assembly of BGA chips is a much more complex process than the classic soldering with a soldering tip or hot air tool. Repairing electronic devices based on BGA chips, it is necessary to have both the correct skills to use BGA station and BGA assembly. After locating the damage, one should proceed to soldering out the element that contains the cause of failure (e.g. processor in BGA casing, which has cold solder joints). First, place the PCB (e.g. a PC or game console motherboard) on the heating plate (pre-heater) of the BGA soldering station. On the top surface of the chip to be reballing, lubricate with a thick layer of flux gel (about 3 mm - 5 mm). Then turn on the hotplate and set its operating temperature at about 300°C and turn on the blow of hot air from above, setting its temperature to higher, ie, about 310°C. When we notice that the heated chip loses its adhesion to the PCB, we can turn off the BGA station and remove the soldered chip with a suction cup. Now using a soldering iron and soldering braid, clean the surface of the PCB and the underside of the chip, from the old tin balls. The next step is to clean both surfaces of flux residues with isopropanol. After the isopropanol has evaporated, apply a fresh layer of flux gel to the bottom surface of the BGA chip and then a template to apply the BGA tin balls. The application template must have exactly the same hole alignment and spacing as the solder fields on the chip and PCB surfaces. BGA beads should be applied so that they fill all holes in the template. After pulling off the stencil, heat the bottom surface of the IC with the BGA beads to solder them to the solder points of the IC. Now we lubricate the solder fields on the PCB with fresh flux and position the IC on its surface and proceed to solder it. Place the PCB with the chip on the surface of the pre-heater heated to about 300°C and blow hot air to 310°C. Correctly soldered chip should not move laterally or longitudinally, and evenly adhere to the PCB surface. After switching off the BGA station, finally just wash off the flux with isopropanol and you are done!