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Solomon soldering stations

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Solomon SL-20ESD soldering station - 48W

Soldering station SL-20ESD power of 48 W with adjustable temperature range from 150 °C to 420 °C. It has a protection and ESD finish.
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Index: LUT-09833
Index: LUT-09833
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Solomon - soldering station

Sorny Roong Industrial company is known as Solomon. The equipment manufactured by the company is characterized by simplicity of design and above-average durability. Thanks to the policy beneficial for both the manufacturer and the customer, purchased equipment is designed for failure-free work for many years. In the event of a malfunction, the manufacturer offers many original spare parts - such as replacement whole soldering irons. Solomon soldering station has good reviews - it is inexpensive, damage-resistant and very cost-effective equipment.

For whom are Solomon soldering stations intended?

Products from the manufacturer Solomon will work well for both professionals and amateurs. Solomon soldering stations and accessories are often found in technical universities because the equipment is considered to be very durable and resistant to frequent use. It is used by professional electronics and robotics engineers, but also by beginner amateurs and do-it-yourselfers. Simplicity of use and high quality of workmanship are a guarantee of undisturbed work and reasonable money spent.

What you will find in our offer?

We offer an excellent product, which is Solomon soldering station - model named SL-20ESD - 48 W. The device is equipped with a knob for infinitely variable temperature control - from 150°C to 420°C - and a rocker switch for power on and off. By keeping things as simple as possible, the unit has virtually no components prone to malfunction. The equipment is equipped with a set temperature indicator and an analog indicator of the current temperature of the mainsail (visualization of the temperature reading is done by means of luminous LEDs). It has a ceramic heating element, a base to put the flask, a sponge to clean the mainsail and a matching power cord. Its small size makes it suitable for the workshop, garage, desk, or even a mobile repair shop. It is also worth noting that the handle of the flask is properly thermally isolated, so that even prolonged work with the device will not cause dangerous overheating of the element. On the surface there is also a special rubber overlay that prevents the flask from slipping from your hands, so you can operate it in a precise way.

Other products available in our store

In our store you will find a wide range of accessories that will work with your Solomon soldering station. We offer spare parts such as replacement original soldering irons for your model, as well as consumable parts such as soldering tips of different shapes and applications. You will also find all accessories for soldering, such as tin, fluxes, desoldering irons, laminated boards in different sizes and for different etching techniques and many other products useful during soldering. In Botland's offer we also have a variety of other products in the field of broadly understood electronics, robotics and automation. All products come from reliable manufacturers offering high quality equipment.