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Desoldering stations

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Desoldering station ZD915 80W

Reliable and durable desoldering station made from high quality elements with capacity of 80 W. The device has a smooth regulation of the temperature. It allows desoldering...
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Index: LUT-04204
Index: LUT-04204
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Soldering and Desoldering Station ZD-8917B - 180W

Reliable and durable soldering and desoldering station made from high quality elements. The device has 2 independent microprocessors to control the soldering iron and the...
Index: LUT-11944
Index: LUT-11944
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Soldering station hotair and tip-based + power supply 30V/5A Yihua 853D with fan in iron - 800W

Yihua 853D soldering station, in addition to soldering and desoldering functions, also allows you to power devices through a built-in power supply with adjustable voltage and...
Index: DLT-21475
Index: DLT-21475
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Desoldering stations - a helpful tool when desoldering electronics

Desoldering is essentially the opposite process to soldering and involves the removal of electronic components and wires. For standard, one-off desoldering, just use a soldering iron or soldering station. To suck off the molten tin and free the component to be soldered, gently lever it while heating. In order to facilitate the disassembly process, it is worth using a handheld suction device or a braid soaked in flux. However, if we have a lot of elements to solder or these are elements in housings with many leads (e.g. DIP28), then the best choice is to use a desoldering station equipped with a gun with a tip for desoldering and a central unit with a vacuum pump and microprocessor temperature control. Choosing a desoldering station makes repairs easier, saves a lot of valuable time, and significantly reduces the risk of damage to PCBs when desoldering components from its surface.

Soldering stations - how to prepare the device to work?

To be able to use the desoldering station for a long time and reliably, it should be used as intended and powered in accordance with the parameters placed on the nameplate of the device. A typical soldering station consists of a central unit controlled by a microprocessor. The central unit contains a compressor which is responsible for generating the vacuum necessary for the soldering process. A soldering gun is connected to the central unit. ZD-915 soldering station central unit has automatic testing function after switching on the device. The display on the central unit housing allows you to read all necessary parameters of the soldering process. Thanks to this we can continuously monitor the current temperature of the soldering tip and the set temperature. Using the buttons located under the display, we can set the required temperature. Its value should be consistent with the properties of the solder. The resolution of temperature setting can be done with an accuracy of single degrees Celsius. An important advantage of the ZD-915 and ZD-8917B soldering irons is a very short overset time. Depending on the user's preference, the temperature scale may be displayed in degrees Celsius (°C) or degrees Fahrenheit (°F). The built-in real-time temperature control, works on a feedback basis, so that the temperature of the soldering tip is continuously stabilized.

Soldering stations integrated with soldering station - versatile equipment for service technicians

In Botland offer we also have 2 in 1 station type ZD-8917B, which contains two independent built-in modules - soldering and desoldering station. Such integrated solution is an excellent offer for electronics service technicians. The soldering station allows quick soldering of components without using a hand held desoldering iron and tin - after heating up the soldering iron, just melt the solder on the soldering point and press the trigger of the desoldering gun. The tin will be sucked off in no time, without the risk of damaging tracks, solder fields and vias! Once you have soldered the component you are interested in, you can replace it with a spare part using the soldering station module.