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Displays for 3D printers

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Bigtreetech TFT35 v3.0 display- two working modes

A 3.5'' display, which can work in two modes, depending on the way it is connected to a motherboard and the chosen firmware. It can function as a screen with touch...
Index: BTT-18758
Index: BTT-18758
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Regular price €42.90 Price €42.90

Screen Kit - display in housing - for Creality Ender-3 3D printer - Creality

Screen Kit is a kit prepared by one of the most popular 3D printer manufacturers - Creality . It includes a 128 x 64 px display and a solid case . Display colors are white...
4.8 (7)
Index: CRL-19689
Index: CRL-19689
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Regular price €32.90 Price €32.90

Creality Sermoon V1 and Sermoon V1 Pro 3D printer touch screen 3,4 cal

Touch display with a diagonal of 3.4 '' dedicated to 3D printers Creality Sermoon V1 and Sermoon V1 Pro. The product is an original spare part for the aforementioned device...
Index: CRL-20836
Index: CRL-20836
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Regular price €99.50 Price €59.70
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3D printer display

Some 3D printers have a pre-assembled, installed and ready-to-use interface in the form of a screen. Until recently, however, the options were limited or non-existent. Many 3D printers on the market only had a USB port for communication between the computer and the 3D printer. As the industry evolves, new solutions are emerging adapted to 3D printing, to the point that very few 3D printers do not have some way to interact without the participation of a computer. There are tons of different types of screens, including open source displays. This means that there are derivatives that look or function similarly and do not mean lower quality versions.

What does the screen display in a 3D printer?

The printer firmware determines what (and how) information is displayed, what options are available to the user, and how menu navigation works. Most often, they are used to read the temperature of all nozzles and the heatbed, to know what percentage of fan power is running, how the print speed looks like and the time that has elapsed since the start of printing, sometimes in the form of a progress bar or percent complete of the job. Larger screens mean more space for displaying information and often neat, small graphics for intuitive presentation of parameters. 3D printer displays have sockets and slots for peripheral connections (USB cables or SD cards).

Touch panels for 3D printers in Botland

Few can surprise us in the 3D printing industry. The official distribution of products from industry giants such as Creality 3D printers, always matching accessories and, of course, a wide selection of ready-made 3D and CNC printing devices have been our domain for over 10 years. All touch panels and others are provided with a detailed technical specification and additional information - take a look and see for yourself!