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Power supplies for 3D printers

Get to know the mounting power supplies used in the most popular 3D printer models available in the Botland store's offer. A special place among them is occupied by Mean Well power supplies for 3D printers from Creality and Flashforge.

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Power supply for Flashforge Adventurer 3

A 150 watt power supply designed for the Flashforge Adventurer 3 . It supplies 100 V to 240 V AC or 125 V to 250 V DC at 3.2 A. Output voltage is 24 V and output current is up...
Index: FFO-18648
Index: FFO-18648
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Mounting power supply 350W - for Creality 3D printer

Mounting power supply with an output voltage of 24 V and a power of 350 W. Used in popular Creality printer models. It has a number of protections : against short circuit,...
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Index: CRL-20496
Index: CRL-20496
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3D printer power supply

If among the foundations of the proper operation of a 3D printer, both at home and in workshop and industrial conditions, we find components such as a nozzle or an extruder, then the issue of power supply cannot be omitted here. In fact, it all starts with him. The standard minimum for 3D printers is typically 240W (12V, 20A). Typically, this specification is sufficient for a 3D printer with a single hot end and a heated build bed of about 180 x 180 mm. The larger the working surface and the more hotends, the more it is worth turning towards more powerful 300 W power supplies. Another basic issue is compatibility - information about the purpose of mounting power supplies for individual 3D printer models can be found in the product descriptions in the Botland store.

Assembly power supplies in a 3D printer in Botland

The motherboard cannot be plugged directly into an AC outlet for power. It requires a low DC voltage, mentioned 12V or 24V, depending on the board and components of the 3D printer. A regulated DC power supply will step down and rectify the AC voltage from the wall to provide DC power. Most DC power supplies are metal boxes with a row of screw terminals that you see in this category. Owners of 3D printers and printing enthusiasts agree - it is worth betting on a power supply from a reputable company, because poorly manufactured power supplies can fry the printer's motherboard. The manufacturer Mean Well provides high-quality power supplies at a reasonable budget. The set includes a number of protections, including short-circuit protection, too high voltage, overcharging and too high operating temperature, as well as a built-in, efficient cooling fan.