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FEP foils

FEP foil is an accessory designed for 3D resin printing. Whether your 3D printer uses an SLA, DLP or MSLA laser, all these 3D printers have in common the need for release film.

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FEP film for Anycubic Photon Mono X 3D printer

FEP film for Anycubic Photon Mono X printer. It is a consumable component installed as the bottom of the resin vat . It allows the light of 405 nm wavelength coming from the UV...
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Index: ANY-20670
Index: ANY-20670
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FEP film for Creality Halot-One, LD-002H, LD-002R 3D printers - 200x140x0,15mm

A high quality FEP film used in 3D printers that use photosensitive resin to form 3D models. It is placed at the bottom of the tank with the material for curing. It is...
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Index: CRL-20481
Index: CRL-20481
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FEP film for Creality 3D printer - 266x190mm

FEP foil with dimensions of 266 x 190 mm used in the following models of Creality 3D printers: LD-006, Halot-Sky and Halot-Lite. It is an consumable item. It is mounted on the...
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Index: CRL-21832
Index: CRL-21832
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Smart resin 3D printing

The key to it, of course, is FEP foil. This key element in resin 3D printing acts as a translucent physical barrier between the liquid resin and the curing source. It must withstand the high temperatures required to cure the resin, as well as have good mechanical resistance, as any damage can lead to serious leaks into the device and its components. A significant exploitation factor is the spatula itself - scratching off the prints over time will mean that the foils will simply have to be replaced, because the resulting dents and unevenness affect the final quality of the printout. The FEP material is characterized by high chemical resistance and non-stick properties. Thanks to these advantages, it has practically become a standard for anti-adhesive films for resin printing.

Replacing the FEP film

Our transparent FEP sheet allows UV rays to penetrate the resin and cure it. Over time, however, the foil can get dirty, scratched, clouded or worse, pierced and it needs to be replaced. Undoubted signs that a replacement awaits us are deep scratches on the foil, haze visible to the naked eye to such an extent that you can't see through it clearly and the fact that resin prints do not adhere to the plate. Cleaning it with sharp tools will most likely cause more damage. A simple way to check if the FEP film has micro-scratches is to carefully hold it up to the light and pour isopropyl alcohol on it and put a paper towel under it - water will not work in this situation due to its surface tension . If you notice wet spots on the paper towel, your FEP has holes. The replacement requires certain safety measures - it is worth taking care of gloves, transparent safety glasses and a mask.

3D printing in Botland

Regardless of whether you print in FDM / FFF technology, using resin or slightly more sophisticated methods, the Botland range includes proven solutions from the industry's leading manufacturers. 3D printers, CNC machines, plotters, modules and accessories are our passion - check us out and see for yourself!