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Dual Screw Rod Upgrade Kit for 3d printer Ender-3, Ender-3 Pro, Ender-3 V2

Upgrade kit that allows you to install a dual Z-axis in Creality's Ender-3 series 3D printers. The package includes a stepper motor screw, threaded screw rod, connecting...
4.9 (18)
Index: CRL-19966
Index: CRL-19966
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Regular price €31.90 Price €31.90

Cable combination package for Creality Sermoon V1 Pro 3D printer

A set of two cables dedicated to Creality Sermoon V1 Pro and Sermoon V1 3D printers. The package includes cables to connect the display and the print head to the printer...
Index: CRL-21514
Index: CRL-21514
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Creality Resin Tool Kit for 3D printer

A set of tools necessary to work with resin 3D printers. The package includes a plastic spatula, brush, funnel made of stainless steel, silicone funnel, PVC gloves and a...
4.7 (3)
Index: CRL-21831
Index: CRL-21831
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Regular price €16.00 Price €16.00

Better 3D printing

If you are interested in 3D printing, you certainly already know the Botland Blog and the 3D printing section. However, to achieve the best results in 3D printing, good practices and knowledge are not enough - the whole process requires the right equipment. Upgrading a 3D printer means not only minor spare parts, but also an upgrade of the extruder, purchase of a new hotend or reconstruction of the printer axis. All this so that our 3D printer can work quieter, more efficiently and more precisely.

3D printers - spare parts

There are many ways to increase print quality, from changing device settings to trying to get better prints with other filaments. Certain problems often require rebuilding or installing new parts. The instability of the 3D printer and the tilting X axis, which often leads users to the temporary solution of tightening the screws, can be eliminated by installing the dual Z axis. it's worth having a set of spare parts for your 3D printer on hand.

3D printers with accessories

In the Botland online store, we know that buying a 3D printer is a real challenge and rather a process that requires thought. Don't worry - 3D printing has been our passion since 2010 and it's really hard to surprise us, so you certainly won't face a decision without a hint. Successful selection, delivery and assembly is not the end of the road - only now 3D printing opens up the possibility of personalization. Dozens of models of 3D printers in our assortment will satisfy lovers of 3D printing in home, industrial and service sectors, and picking through hundreds of dedicated accessories such as covers, housings, frames, nozzles or adhesives is the first step to turning a factory 3D printer into a truly personalized machine for special tasks.