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LattePanda power supply

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Uninterruptible power supply UPS - UPS Hat power overlay for LattePanda 3 Delta/2 Delta/2 Alpha - DFRobot DFR0682

UPS Hat DFRobot is an accessory for LattePanda 3 Delta, 2 Delta and 2 Alpha single-board computers in the form of an overlay that allows you to power the device in the event...
Index: DFR-23865
Index: DFR-23865
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DFRobot LattePanda StarterKit - starter kit for LattePanda

Starter kit for easy start with minicomputer LattePanda. The kit inludes a case, power supply with the cable microUSB - USB, HDMI cable, cooling fan and heatsinks. The set does...
Index: DFR-07585
Index: DFR-07585
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Choosing a power supply for a minicomputer - a short guide

The basic parameters of each power supply are, of course: nominal voltage and maximum current efficiency, and thus - also the value of the output power, which is the product of both of the above. In the case of LattePanda V1 minicomputers, the voltage is supplied via the microUSB port - the recommended power supply parameters are 5 V / 2 A, and in the case of much more powerful LattePanda Alpha modules, a power supply with 12 V / 3 A output, equipped with a USB C plug, is required to run the computer. add that the last of the mentioned series of minicomputers can also work with a lithium-polymer battery, which significantly facilitates the practical implementation of SBC in utility applications. Regardless of the model you choose, remember that the power supply parameters provided by the manufacturers usually refer to normal operating conditions - if external devices powered from its ports (e.g. USB accessories, touch screens, hard drives, overlays, etc.) are to work with the minicomputer, then the total system power consumption will be correspondingly higher. Therefore, the power supply used should always offer a certain margin of safety (power reserve), usually in the range of at least 20% of the value of the total power consumption of the minicomputer and the accessories attached to it.

Branded accessories for LattePanda minicomputers

In our offer you will find a wide selection of power supplies, designed to work with the most popular models of single-board minicomputers. For example, for the LattePanda series in the V1 version, we offer an excellent, dual-output Extreme microUSB + USB A power supply: a well-thought-out design combines the features of classic chargers for mobile devices (hence the USB A socket in the upper part of the housing) and plug-in power supplies with a factory-installed cable (in this case terminated microUSB plug). This solution is ideal for cooperation with minicomputers, because it allows for simultaneous power supply of the main module itself and an additional accessory, e.g. a display connected via the HDMI port.