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USB hubs

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What exactly are USB hubs and how do they work?

A USB hub is a type of plug-in USB cables connector, most often in the form of an external device that includes USB inputs. You can find products with two or three inputs, several, and even several or several dozen USB inputs. In addition, it is usually also possible to connect successive splitters with each other. Thanks to this, you can connect several separate devices independently with unimaginable ease.

It is very important that modern USB hubs have ports adapted to work with all types of USB memory stick standards and other devices with a USB interface. So it does not matter whether we hook up a simple wireless mouse, printer, speaker set, phone charger or a portable hard drive. Each port is separate, so connecting one device to the USB hub does not affect the ability to connect another.

Due to the above advantages, the presented solution is extremely effective and enjoys great popularity. It works well for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, microcomputers or in a smartphone (for the latter, it is usually necessary to use a micro USB hub cable). The USB hub allows you to connect your favorite keyboard or gamepad, which makes playing games much more enjoyable. The USB splitter is a small, yet practical and convenient solution for everyone.

USB hubs – a great help for the use of programmable electronics

USB hubs and splitters are common devices used in programmable electronics for both beginners and very advanced projects. An excellent example of the use of these products are microcomputers under the Raspberry Pi brand.

As you know, the Raspberry Pi has a limited number of USB connectors. By using USB hubs that are 100% compatible with Raspberry Pi hardware, the use of microcomputers of this type will be much more flexible. First of all, you can easily connect additional I / O devices to your Raspberry Pi. USB keyboard or other devices can be simultaneously connected to the computer and to the board.

The offer of the Botland online store also includes USB hubs in many versions, differing in the number of ports (inputs) and having practical switches installed. In the latter case, if the product is connected to the computer and you want to disconnect it, you only need to use a switch - you do not have to reach for cables and change the entire configuration. Everything is literally easier with modern USB hubs!

Choose your USB hub – active and passive USB hubs

You will find a lot of different USB hubs in Botland, so you will surely find the product that is best suited to your needs. Choose from the highest quality products from various well-known manufacturers. Check out USB hubs with many amenities such as on / off switches, LED backlights, or even built-in SD memory card readers.

In our offer you will find USB hubs in versions with and without additional power connections. Choose passive or active USB hubs for yourself. The former draw their energy from the computer's USB port - the device to which they are connected. On the other hand, active USB hubs have their own external power supply. Choose what works best for you now!