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Handgloves Vorel 74077 - size 9

Work gloves made of polyester with polyurethane coating. Increased abrasion and tear resistance. Provides excellent feel for the object being held. Gloves size 9.
Index: NSZ-08613
Index: NSZ-08613
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Flexible grounding cable with a crocodile connector

Flexible grounding cable with a crocodile connector. Clip at the end of the cable, provides a ground connection to the band, mat, etc. Cable length is 1.5 m.
Index: KAB-04241
Index: KAB-04241
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Work gloves Yato size 10 nylon - black

Protective gloves for manual and assembly work. Made of durable nylon in black . The inner part is covered with polyurethane for greater resistance to abrasion or tearing....
Index: TOY-16651
Index: TOY-16651
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Antistatic gloves ESD spotted - size L

ESD antistatic gloves are made of polyester. They are necessary when working with electrostatic sensitive devices. The inner side has spotted rubber to improve the stability of...
Index: NSZ-04236
Index: NSZ-04236
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Durable and resistant work gloves

In this category you will find Vorel work gloves with welt. Made of two types of plastic (polyester with polyurethane coating), they have increased durability. They do not wear and are resistant to punctures. Polyurethane is flexible, so even a thicker layer of it does not hinder the use of the gloves in workshop work. This type of hand protection makes you feel all the gripped objects very well, and this guarantees higher precision of handling. Vorel gloves are available in size 9.

Work gloves for various applications

If you need hand protection for work in the workshop, garage, construction site or garden, the popular "vampires" are sure to come in handy. Their name of course comes from their characteristic color - white polyester fabric coated with red rubber. Rubber impregnation provides them with increased durability. This type of work glove is sold in sets, with 10 pairs of size 9 gloves per set. Another option is to choose cotton gloves, also rubber-coated on the inside. The Dragon model has a rough coating that not only provides good protection against injury and weaker chemicals, but also makes it easier to grip objects with smooth surfaces.

Load protection and work support

Among work gloves with a wide range of applications, it is worth mentioning the dotted model, available in size 10. These gloves are made of cotton fabric with an addition of plastic (polyester). On their inner side, there are PVC dots which improve grip. They also protect against mechanical damage. On the other hand, polyester ESD anti-static gloves will come in handy in electronic workshops, stores or warehouses, as well as during service work. They will protect electronic components and devices from harmful electrostatic charges. Rubber padding on the inside ensures increased durability.