HPCB Motor with 75:1 Gear - doublesided shaft - Pololu 3074

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Polol' s miniature high power engine with durable carbon brushes. It has a 75:1 transmission, speed is 400 rpm, and torque is 1.6 kg*cm (0.15 Nm). It has an extended shaft for mounting speed sensors.

HPCB Motor with 75:1 Gear - doublesided shaft - Pololu 3074
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Manufacturer: Pololu

Product description: Polyol HPCB 75:1 double-sided shaft motor

Polol's small, lightweight yet powerfulenginesare used as drive units by robot constructors. The units can be supplied with voltage up to9 V, the useful power is above 3 V. The optimum voltage at which the power to strength ratio is best is 6 V. This version has an extended shaft with a length of 5.0 mm, allowing the installation ofspeed sensors - encoders.

Motor dimensions

The motor body is a26 x 12 x 10 mmcuboid. The gearbox is 9,27 mm long. There is a 3 mm D-shaped shaft at the output. Total weight is about 10 g.

Silnik HPCB 75:1 obustronny wał - Pololu 3074

The drawing shows the dimensions of the Polol micro motor with gearbox.


We offer a range of accessories that work with Polol's micro motors:

  • Mountings
    Special mountings in whiteorblack have been designed for mounting motors.There is also anextendedversion available and made ofaluminumwith increased strength.

  • Wheels,crawlers,hubs,encoders
    Our offer also includeswheelsandcrawlers, matched to the shafts of Polol's micro motors. There is also a special version of wheels with speed measurement - encoders. Installation of non-standard wheels is facilitated byadapters.

There are also many othermotorsin the shop's offer.

Polol motor specification

Power supply voltage:

3 V - 9 V

Unloaded current (6 V):

120 mA

Current at stopped shaft (6 V):

1600 mA

Speed without load (6 V):

400 rpm

Torque (6 V):

1.6 kg*cm (0.15 Nm)

Gear ratio:



Carbon brushes, high strength

Shaft diameter:

3 mm

Two-sided shaft:


Body dimensions:

26 x 12 x 10 mm

The weight:

10 g

This version has carbon brushes with increased strength and a shaft on both sides for mountingthe encoders.

Diameter 12 mm
Length 26 mm
Voltage to 3.0 V
Voltage from 9.0 V
Motor - current 120 mA
Motor - gear 75:1
Rotation speed 400 obr/min
Torque 1,6 kg*cm
Mass 10 g
Motor - shaft 3 mm
Motor - 2x shaft yes
Voltage nominal 6.0 V
Package width 5 cm
Package height 1 cm
Package depth 3 cm
Package weight 0.01 kg

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