Laser scanner ToF RPLidar S1 - portable - 360 degree - 40m

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Small, portable RPLidar S1 laser scanner. It uses ToF technology and can detect up to 9200 white objects per second at distances of up to 40 m and 360°. Typical scanning frequency is 10 Hz with adjustment. The scanner is encapsulated in a sealed enclosure to protect it from the outside world. It communicates through the UART interface.

Laser scanner ToF RPLidar S1 - portable - 360 degree - 40m
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Manufacturer: Slamtec

Product description: ToF RPLidar S1 laser scanner - portable - 360 degrees - 40 m.

Small, portableRPLidar S1laser scanner. It usesToF(Time of Flight) technology, which ensures that the scanning resolution does not change with the distance. The scanner can detect up to9200white objects per second at distancesof up to 40 mand360°. Typical scanning frequency is10 Hzwith adjustment from 5 Hz to 15 Hz. The scanner is encapsulated ina sealed enclosureto protect it from external conditions. It communicates through theUARTinterface.

Skaner laserowy RPLidar S1

ToF technology in RPLidar S1 scanner.

Long operating range and resistance to daylight

RPLidar S1 detects white objectsup to 40 mand black objectsup to 10 m. The device is resistant to daylight, features measurement stability and high resolution mapping in outdoor environments.

Duży zasięg działania

Large operating range.

Small scanner in a housing

The scanner can beeasily movedfrom place to place thanks to its small dimensions (55.5 x 55.5 x 51 mm) and low weight (105 g). The RPLidar S1 is enclosed inan enclosurethat protects the internal mechanism against external conditions, providing a stable working environment and meeting industrial requirements.

Niewielki skaner laserowy w obudowie

The small RPLidar S1 laser scanner in a housing.

360° scanner compatible with SLAMTEC ecosystem

The device is compatible with the existing hardware and software interfaces of allSLAMTECproducts. The scanner core operates clockwise, within a360°range to scan the environment in which it is located.

Skanowanie 360 stopni

Scanning 360°.

Safety standard

The RPLidar laser scanner is equipped with low-power infrared light, controlled by a modulated pulse. It meets the class 1 safety standard, which ensures safety for the eye.

Laser z normą bezpieczeństwa klasy 1

Laser with class 1 safety standard.

RPLidar S1 specification

Technology ToF (Time of Flight)
Scope of detection

white objects: 40 m

black objects: 10 m

Scanning angle 360°
Scan resolution 3 cm
Angular resolution typical: 0.391° (from 0.313° to 0.587° depending on the scanning frequency)
Blind zone 0.1 cm
Frequency of measurement 9200 Hz
Scanning frequency

10 Hz (typical)
min. 5 Hz

max. 15 Hz

Working voltage 3,3 V
Communication UART
Transmission speed 256000 b/s
Dimensions 55.5 x 55.5 x 51 mm
Mass 105 g

Sensor - type distance
Sensor - distance to 40 000 cm
Sensor - distance from 5.0 cm
Package width 12 cm
Package height 9 cm
Package depth 7.5 cm
Package weight 0.232 kg

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