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Resistors SMD 0805

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A set of resistors SMD0805 - justPi - 1500pcs.

The set consists of 30 popular resistor values in SMD0805 housings, useful in the workshop of both robotics and electronics engineers. The resistors are packed in separate,...
Index: JUS-19618
Index: JUS-19618
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Set of resistors SMD 0805 - 400pcs.

A set of 20 values of resistors, 20 pieces of each. The elements are in the SMD 0805 case.
Index: PAS-09604
Index: PAS-09604
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Resistors SMD 0805

Resistors are electronic components, the purpose of which is to reduce the current in the circuit. A number of such components like capacitors, they are one of the simplest electronic passive components, which is used in electronics. After installation in the system, the resistor will automatically reduce the current in accordance with its resistance value. It captures part of the current (intensity) passing through the circuit, and so the received energy is converted into thermal energy. The resistors are chosen using Ohm's law and knowledge of voltage and amperage in the system. Resistors are elements with linear characteristic suppression of current - it also follows from Ohm's law.

Resistors SMD 0805 - how it looks in practice?

Resistors made according to the SMD technology does not allow easy use, for example, pin-Board for prototyping a project (as resistors TNT). These are elements that require precise soldering skills - they are very small and when mounted it is often necessary to use forceps to hold in the right place. Mount technology SMD (surface) has certain standard sizes of concrete elements. Our offered machine is made by technology SMD 0805 - this means that their size is in the cast top is about 2.1 mm to 1.3 mm. Such data give a picture very small it is a component. Of course, it is the complexity of installation, however, is rewarded with a big advantage, which is a small amount of space that the element occupies on the PCB. Approach, involving the use of SMD elements contributes to miniaturization of devices and their greater resistance to damage. Installation of small elements should not be a problem for small components on the Board, you can apply special machines designed for this purpose, or use methods that they're using Hot Air soldering iron.

What do we offer?

Our store offers a wide selection of SMD 0805 resistors. We have resistors with values of resistance of 1.5? to 1.5 M?. We sell components in packs of a few thousand pieces. Resistors are Packed in special cartons that protect from moisture and damage and facilitate the organization. Resistance values of individual resistors can be read with the manufacturer markings on the surface of the resistor. We also offer selected specialists sets with opornikami about the different rezystancjach. The kits have several thousand pieces in the kit, so the price for one item is very appealing. The admission services that resistors are 1% or 5%, and their nominal power is of 0.125 In