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Z-Wave modules

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Z-Uno 2 - plate is Z-Wave compatible with Arduino

Module connecting the capabilities of the Protocol Z-Wave and Arduino board. It allows you to control home automation devices using the Arduino microcontroller. It has 26...
Index: ZWV-09042
Index: ZWV-09042
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Z-Wave USB Stick

The Z-Wave module with a USB connector that can be connected to any computer with a USB port. Works with all certified Z-Wave devices regardless of the manufacturer.
5.0 (3)
Index: ZWV-09030
Index: ZWV-09030
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Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5+ - Z-Wave - USB module

Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5+ is a reliable USB module that can be connected to any computer with a USB port. It allows you to create your own Z-Wave gateway , enabling control and...
Index: ZWV-24345
Index: ZWV-24345
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Z-Wave - what is it?

Z-Wave is a wireless protocol which makes it possible to create an intelligent building system without any additional investments in changing its structure. The idea is to synchronize home automation equipment in a mesh topology (a mesh topology according to which devices have to connect with each other as much as possible - directly, dynamically and without hierarchy; the cooperation is aimed at efficient data "transport", quick self-configuration and failure-free operation). The uniqueness of such systems is that each receiver also becomes a signal transmitter, giving the network a much stronger and longer range. Exceptions are devices which are not connected to a permanent power source (due to optimized energy usage). The Z-Wave system is used to control home appliances, roller-blinds, gates, garden watering, fire smoke removal, heating and lighting systems, gas leakage warning systems, presence simulation modules and many other devices.

What do we offer?

We offer specially prepared overlays for popular minicomputers, from which you will be able to control the system. The Z-Wave module (RaZberry 2) designed for Raspberry Pi will turn it into a home automation gateway, allowing you to control everything from your mobile device or a web browser on your computer. It uses a Java Script interface and is connected to the board via GPIO pins. We also offer an excellent Z-Uno board, which is designed to make an automation gateway from an Arduino microcomputer. It has 26 bidirectional digital connectors, 5 PWM channels, 4 analog inputs, UART, SPI and I2C communication interfaces and built-in USB-UART converter. The module uses an ATmega microprocessor, which is programmable through the Arduino IDE environment - you can connect it directly to your computer and program it.

Home automation devices

Apart from the devices described above we offer a Z-Wave thermostatic head and LED bulbs with RGB diodes (and built-in Z-Wave module). Once connected they become a receiver and source of signal and perform the function of lighting which can emit light in any color. We also have a Z-Wave module with a USB connector - you can connect it to your computer to make it work with any (from any manufacturer), certified Z-Wave device.