Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Z-Wave Plus - white - FGSD-002

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The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is an element of an intelligent smart home system that ensures a high level of security in the home environment. Thanks to advanced technology , it detects smoke and a sudden increase in temperature , immediately giving an alarm signal and informing the user about a potential threat. This is a simple way to ensure peace and security of household members.
Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Z-Wave Plus - white - FGSD-002
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Manufacturer: Fibaro

Product description: Fibaro Smoke Sensor - intelligent Z-Wave Plus smoke sensor - white - FGSD-002

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is an intelligent sensor that warns about a potential fire hazard . It is able to detect even the smallest amounts of smoke and monitors the temperature in the room , which allows it to detect a sudden increase in heat. If smoke or increased temperature is detected, Fibaro Smoke Sensor immediately turns on an audible alarm and an LED, warning household members about the potential threat. The sensor also sends an alert to the user via a smartphone app. Fibaro Smoke Sensor ensures a high level of safety and protects the home environment against fire hazards.

The white and round Fibaro smoke detector lies on a white background.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor - intelligent Z-Wave Plus smoke sensor - white - FGSD-002.

The white and round Fibaro smoke detector lies on a white background.

The sensor is responsible for monitoring the smoke level and for alerting in the event of a threat.

Main features of the sensor

  • Z-Wave Plus communication protocol
  • Detecting the presence of smoke in the air
  • Ambient temperature measurement function
  • Alarming of increased smoke levels with an audio message and a warning light
  • Compatibility with voice assistants
  • Sending notifications and measurement data to the FIBARO application

Fire hazard detection

The basic function of the Fibaro sensor is to monitor the presence of smoke and increased temperature in rooms . It registers the presence of smoke particles in the air, and when smoke appears in the room, the sensor reacts immediately and activates the alarm. It also monitors room temperature and is able to detect sudden increases in heat that may indicate a fire.

Notifications and alarms

When the Fibaro Smoke Sensor detects smoke or a sudden increase in temperature, it immediately sounds an alarm and turns on the LED to warn residents in the room. Additionally, the sensor reacts and sends threat notifications via a mobile application on the phone, which informs users about potential threats when they are away from home.

The white and round Fibaro smoke detector lies on a white background.

The smoke detector triggers an audible and visual alarm when a fire threat is detected.

The white and round Fibaro smoke detector lies on a white background.

The device is compatible with the free FIBARO smartphone application.

Energy-saving battery

The CR123A battery is a highly energy-efficient power source, ideal for applications requiring long-term use. Thanks to its durability and performance, a single CR123A battery can provide power for months or even years under normal use. This is a single-use battery, which means it is not intended to be recharged and used again.

Synchronization with the smartphone application

This product is integrated with the FIBARO application , which allows the user to remotely control all connected devices. This means that regardless of whether the user is at home, in the office or on a well-deserved vacation, he can easily manage the operation of his devices using his smartphone. This translates into time savings and greater convenience for the user.

You can download the free FIBARO application on both Android and iOS devices.

Technical specifications of the sensor

  • Producer: Fibaro
  • Model: Smoke Sensor
  • Product code: FGSD-002
  • Connectivity technology: wireless
  • Wireless protocol: Z-Wave Plus
  • Z-Wave frequency: 868.4MHz, 868.42MHz, 869.85MHz
  • Power supply: CR123A battery (included in the set)
  • Battery voltage: 3V
  • Mobile application: FIBARO
  • Voice assistant: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Product color: white
  • Dimensions: 65 x 28 mm

The white and round Fibaro smoke detector lies on a white background.

The product connects to the smartphone via the Z-Wave network gateway.

Z-Wave logo on a white background.

Z-Wave communication protocol.

Z-Wave Plus device compatibility

Z-Wave Plus is a developed version of the international Z-Wave wireless communication protocol, used in smart home systems. Z-Wave Plus introduces several key improvements that increase the reliability, performance and functionality of this protocol. Z-Wave Plus ensures reliable communication by confirming all messages in two directions every time. It enables a greater communication range, which means that devices can be separated from each other over a greater distance without loss of signal quality. It is also more energy-efficient and safer than the previous version. Despite these improvements, Z-Wave Plus is backwards compatible with Z-Wave devices, which means new and older devices can work together in one system.

Colour white
Smart Home Smoke sensor
Sensor dymu
Communication Z-Wave
Package width 9.5 cm
Package height 9.5 cm
Package depth 3.5 cm
Package weight 0.095 kg

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