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Filament Noctuo Nylon PA6 1,75mm 0,25kg - Natural

Index: NOC-24190 EAN: 5906735430431
Noctuo Nylon PA6 filament is a highly functional material for creating 3D prints based on PA6. It performs perfectly in a wide range of temperatures and has very good mechanical and chemical parameters. The main advantage of this fiber is high strength and resistance to abrasion, bending and stretching. The fiber diameter is 1.75 mm . The spool contains 0.25 kg of natural-colored filament.
Filament Noctuo Nylon PA6 1,75mm 0,25kg - Natural
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Manufacturer: Noctuo

Product description: Filament Noctuo Nylon PA6 1.75 mm 0.25 kg - Natural

PA6 filament from Noctuo for 3D printers in a natural color , in the form of a fiber wound on spools. The diameter of the material is 1.75 mm , the net weight is 0.25 kg . The material is exceptionally durable and resistant to abrasion, bending and stretching. Its versatile use covers a wide temperature range and excellent mechanical and chemical parameters. An additional advantage is its hygroscopicity, which allows the prints to be soaked with oils to reduce friction. Nylon PA6 is a high-quality thermoplastic construction material that allows for obtaining exceptionally durable and resistant elements. Due to its hygroscopicity, it is necessary to carefully store and dry the material before printing. However, this same feature makes it easier to color and personalize printed objects .


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Noctuo Nylon PA6 filament 1.75 mm 0.25 kg - Natural

Noctuo Nylon PA6 filament 1.75 mm 0.25 kg - Natural.

Features of the PA6 filament

  • High mechanical strength
  • Impact resistance
  • Ability to dampen mechanical vibrations
  • Good fatigue strength
  • Excellent sliding properties, abrasion and scratch resistance and low coefficient of friction
  • High heat resistance, with permissible continuous operating temperature from -60°C to 150°C
  • High chemical resistance, especially to organic solvents such as oils, greases and fuels
  • Good electrical insulating properties

Suggested filament printing parameters

Printing temperature From 256°C to 290°C
Table temperature Up to 100°C
Print speed From 100 mm/s

Due to differences in the design of printers, the above data should be treated as guidelines and the appropriate values should be determined experimentally.

Technical specifications and physical properties of the filament

Parameter Range
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Color Natural
Printing temperature Up to 100 mm/s
Table temperature Up to 100°C
Material density 1.14 g/cm³
Spool - material PA6 Nylon
Parameter Dry condition / Conditioned condition
Yield strength 78 MPa / 45 MPa
Tensile modulus of elasticity 2800 MPa / 1100 MPa
Flexural modulus in bending 2400 MPa / 900 MPa
Notched impact strength according to Charpy 6 kJ/ m2 / 13 kJ/ m2
Vicat softening point 195°C / 180°C
Net weight 0.25 kg

Colour natural
Mass 250 g
Filament - material PA6
Filament - diameter 1.75 mm
Package width 17 cm
Package height 14.6 cm
Package depth 4.7 cm
Package weight 0.434 kg

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