IoT starter kit with Blynk Board WiFi IoT ESP8266 module for Android / iOS

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Starter set introducing the world of IoT (Internet of Things) along with Blynk Board ESP8266 with wi-fi system controlled with a smartphone. The set includes, i.a.: the soil moisture sensor, servo, magnetic door sensor, photoresistor, LEDs, etc.

IoT starter kit with Blynk Board WiFi IoT ESP8266 module for Android / iOS
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Starter set introducing the world of IoT (Internet of Things) along with Blynk Board ESP8266 with wi-fi system controlled with a smartphone. The set includes, i.a.: the soil moisture sensor, servo, magnetic door sensor, photoresistor, LEDs, etc.


The kit requires no soldering and is designed for people creating IoT projects and willing to explore the possibilities  of Blynk platform. Applications are running with Android 4.0+ and iOS 7.0+.




The Blynk module has a wi-fi system based onthe popular ESP8266 controller. It was designed to work with widgets on the smartphone. It allows you to create various projects that are managed through the network. Board interacts with the world through inputs and outputs, allowing, for example, control of the motors, LEDs, or read of the the sensor's values. It has a large connecting holes that are designed for connecting the crocodile wires. Additionally, mounted RGB LED informs the user about the actual device status.


App Blynk allows, in a graphical way to create new widgets. The kit includes an activation code with the values of10 $ (15 000 energy points) required to connect to Blynk account.


The manufacturer has preparedthe introductionfor Blynk module maintenance and a detailedguide of 14 projects step-by-stepto create your own IoT application, controlled via smartphone.



Examples of projects

The kit has, prepared by the manufacturer, 14 basic projects:

  1. Virtual button - the real LED
  2. Physical button - the virtual LED
  3. Dimming the LED
  4. Reading temperature and humidity
  5. Analog-to-digital converter
  6. Automation using the timer
  7. Big amount of information from the LCD
  8. Joystick support
  9. A graphical representation of the voltage
  10. History charts of light
  11. Chat
  12. BotaniTweeting
  13. Opening the doors
  14. Status email


The set consists of:


L. p.PhotoDescription
1 Blynk SparkFun Board - ESP8266- module for IoT sensors management over wi-fi using your smartphone.
2 The soil moisture sensor.
3 Magnetic sensor of opening the door.
4   Servo, type micro.
5 Linear sliding potentiometer of 10 kΩ.
6   The lever ON-OFF switch.
7 Photoresistor.
8 A set of colorful LEDs- 20 PCs.
9 Pocket-sized screwdriver with multiple tips.

A set of resistors

  • 330 Ω- 20 pieces
  • 10 kΩ- 20 pcs.
11 Crocodile wires in different colors.
12 Male-male wires with the length of 16 cm- 20 pieces.
13 MicroUSB - USB cable of 1.8 m.
14 Power supply of 5 V / 1A.



UC - Microcontroller ESP-8266
Package width 0.001 cm
Package height 0.001 cm
Package depth 0.001 cm
Package weight 0.001 kg

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