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LED stripes and matrices

An LED Strip is a flexible plastic ribbon with small LED lights on it. It is used to create indirect light. Think for example of lighting in a ceiling, behind a mirror or under the counter. LED strips are very popular because of the high light output, low energy consumption, and the atmosphere you can create with it. LED strips are flexible are available in all shapes and sizes. An LED matrix is a display made up of multiple LEDs in a rectangular distribution. There are different sizes, the most common being 8x8 LED squares. offers a wide selection of LED strips and matrixes. All our products are high-quality, so you can be sure, that they will meet your expectations. In this section, you will find products such as LED strips, LED strips connectors, power supplies, drivers, controllers, and many more. Do you need help? Please contact us. Our customer service will provide you professional guidance.

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mCookie LED matrix - RGB LED matrix - MicroDuino MCBS41

Universal module of 6 RGB diodes in mCookie standard. The product is compatible with the Itty Bitty Buggy robot, with which it is connected via a magnetic connector (without...
Index: MIC-15490
Index: MIC-15490
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What is an LED Strip?

LED strips are a series of very small LED bulbs, which are mounted on a self-adhesive tape. The tape is very flexible and only about an inch wide and only a few millimeters in thickness. Thus, it can be set up almost anywhere. Wiring connections and necessary electronics are integrated into the tape itself, so it simply needs to be connected to a power supply at one end to work. LED strips are attractive because they emit light along the entire length of the strip. The small dimensions and the high light output are the effects of advanced LED technology. LED technology is much smarter than ordinary halogen lights. On average, you save up to 80% on electricity by using LED technology, and this will make your electricity bills smaller. LED strips are not as energy-efficient as regular LED bulbs, but still, they are worth buying.

LED Strip - the practical light that can be set up anywhere

With LED strips, you get the opportunity to put lighting in places where there is no room for traditional lamps. At the same time, you can create exciting lighting effects that would otherwise be impossible to create or which would require a much more expensive and complicated lighting system. LED strips are one of the most environmentally friendly and cheapest forms of lighting available. At the same time, it is an extremely flexible solution and does not require much space. This makes LED strips the practical and handy form of lighting that can be set up anywhere.

Buy LED products online at best prices

More and more products can be bought online, and this also applies to LED products, which are lightweight and don’t require much space. At, you will find a large selection of LED products such as LED strips and LED matrix. If you are looking for high-quality LED diodes, check our offer. We provide quality products at an attractive price. If you can’t find what you are looking for then just ask us a question. Our customer service will guide you through our catalog, so you can find the best solution for your project.

LED strips - the perfect light

You can get LED strips for both indoor and outdoor purposes. At our store, you will find both one-colored LED stripes, and multi-colored versions. LED strips can be used as a beautiful and eye-catching decoration in your company, your store, or your home.

What is more, LED strips can be used to highlight building parts or create colorful light along walls. If you use LED strips that can change color, it will also be possible to either let the light color change automatically or create show-like effects. However, to change color, a wireless remote control might be required. If you need high-quality LED stripes or accessories, visit