Gravity - set of sensors for Arduino - 37 pcs - DFRobot KIT0150

Index: DFR-15297 EAN: 5904422343200

A set consisting of 37 elements with a Gravity connector. The set includes a color sensor, heart rate sensor, RGB LED display, speaker, module with vibration motor and many other elements. All modules have a Gravity connector, which makes it easy to connect them with a suitable cover.

Gravity - set of sensors for Arduino - 37 pcs - DFRobot KIT0150
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Manufacturer: DFRobot
Compatibility: Arduino

Product description: Gravity - set of sensors - 37 pieces. - DFRobot KIT0150

A set consisting of37 elements with a Gravity connector.The set includes a color sensor, heart rate sensor, RGB LED display, speaker, module with vibration motor and many other elements. All modules have aGravity connector, which makes it easy to connect them with a suitable cap. The modules are compatible with many platforms, e.g.Arduino,micro:bit,FireBeetle. Simplelanguage and friendly environment of Arduinoallow to create software for both beginners and advanced users. The whole thing has been aesthetically closed in a small trunk, making the set ideal as a gift.

Zestaw czujników DFRobot Gravity

Set of DFRobot Gravity sensors - 37 pieces.

Main features of the set

  • Grove connector makes it much easier to connect modules to the base unit.
  • More sensors and actuators to play with.
  • High quality products.
  • Closed in an aesthetic container.

Gravity set composition

The Gravity kit is included:

L.p. Photo Description
1 Czujnik koloru TCS34725 TCS34725 I2C ColorSensor-enables thedetection of the color of ambient light.
2 Czujnik tętna Human heart rate sensor- a modulefor measuring the heart rate of the human heart.
3 Cyfrowy miernik zużycia energii Digitalenergy consumption meter I2C -modulefor measuring electricity consumption up to 26 V / 8 A.
4 Czujnik przewodności z przełącznikiem Conductivitysensorwith switch -capable of detectingwhether an object has electrical conductivity.
5 Cyfrowy czujnik wstrząsów Digital shock sensor -sensitive to movement ina specific direction so it can detect, for example, hand movements.
6 Czujnik skali szarości Grey scale sensor- is able tomeasure light intensity from black to white.
7 Cyfrowy czujnik temperatury LM35 Analogue Temperature Sensor-Can measure temperature from 0 ℃ to 100 ℃.
8 Analogowy czujnik światła otoczenia Analogue ambient light sensor- allowsdetection of light density and reflects the analog voltage signal back to Arduino.
9 Czujnik wibracji Vibration sensor- simplevibration sensor with digital output.
10 Czujnik pochylenia Tilt sensor- simpletilt sensor with digital output.
11 Pojemnościowy czujnik dotykowy Capacitive touch sensor-uses the digital interface to work.
12 Cyfrowy czujnik pola magnetycznego Digitalmagnetic field sensor -can detecta magnetic object in its vicinity.
13 Czujnik dźwięku Sound sensor-equipped with an analogue output.
14 Czujnik tlenku węgla Carbon monoxide sensor MQ7- allows measurement from 20 ppm to 2000 ppm.
15 Dzielnik napięcia 1/5 Voltage divider 1/5- used, when the measured voltage is higher than the range of the A/C converter.
16 Czujnik wibracji z membraną piezoelektryczną Vibration sensor with piezoelectric membrane- equipped with an analogue output.
17 Moduł z potencjometrem Module with multi-turn potentiometer 10 kΩ / 10 rpm.
18 Thumb Joystick z przyciskiem Thumb Joystick with button- a moduleequipped with a joystick similar to analog devices used e.g. in game controllers.
19 Czujnik płomieni Flame Detector 760-1100nm- sensor fordetection of fire wave from 760 nmto 1100 nm.
20 3-osiowy akcelerometr MMA7361 3-axis accelerometer MMA7361- allows to measure acceleration.
21 Cyfrowy czujnik ruchu PIR PIR digital motion detector- isused to detect objects in rooms in alarm and lighting systems.
22 Ultradźwiękowy czujnik odległości Ultrasonic distance sensor URM09- module withmeasuringrangefrom 2 cm to 500 cm.
23 Czujnik wilgotności gleby Soil moisture sensor- used tomeasure soil moisture by measuring resistance.
24 Czujnik pary wodnej Steam sensor- has an analogue output.
25 Cyfrowy przycisk Tact Switch - biały Digital Tact Switch button - white.
26 Cyfrowy Tact Switch czerwony Digital Tact Switch button - red.
27 Cyfrowy przycisk Tact Switch żółty Digital Tact Switch button - yellow.
28 Dioda LED biała White LED.
29 Dioda LED czerwona Red LED.
30 Dioda LED zielona Green LED.
31 Dioda LED niebieska LED blue.
32 Moduł cyfrowy LED RGB RGB LED digital module.
33 Przekaźnik 1 kanał Relay 1 channel- amodule with a relay to control actuators consuming up to 12 A for 125 V or 10 A for 277 V using the microcontroller ports.
34 Głośnik z interfejsem cyfrowym Speaker with digital interface.
35 Moduł z silnikiem wibracji Module with vibrating motor- controlled byPWM signal, low and high state.
36 Moduł z silnikiem DC + wiatrak Module with DC motor + fan- modulewith DC motor and built-in transistor, no additional driver required.
37 Wyświetlacz LCD RGB 2x16 I2C LCD display with RGB backlight.

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