Raspberry Pi Pico - RP2040 ARM Cortex M0+

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A small Raspberry Pi Pico module with Raspberry 's own RP2040 microcontroller made in the UK. RP2040 is a dual core chip based on ARM Cortex M0+ clocked at 133 MHz. The module has 264 kB of SRAM memory and 2 MB of Flash memory. The chip features 26 GPIO pins that operate at 3.3 V and a temperature sensor. Raspberry Pi Pico is programmed in C/C++ via microUSB connector.
Raspberry Pi Pico - RP2040 ARM Cortex M0+
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Manufacturer: Raspberry Pi

Product description: Raspberry Pi Pico - RP2040 ARM Cortex M0+

A compact Raspberry Pi Pico module with Raspberry's own RP2040 microcontroller made in the UK. The RP2040 is a dual core ARM Cortex M0+ based chip clocked at 133 MHz. The module has 264 kB of SRAM memory and 2 MB of Flash memory. The chip features 26 GPIO pins that operate at 3.3 V and a temperature sensor. Raspberry Pi Pico is programmed in C/C++ language, via microUSB connector.

Raspberry Pi PicoRaspberry Pi Pico.

Pinouts of Raspberry Pi Pico module

The Raspberry Pi Pico module is equipped with 26 GPIO pins, which include: 2x SPI, 2x I2C, 2x UART, 3x ADC 12-bit, 16x PWM. An additional 8 IO (PIO) pins are provided to support custom peripherals.

Power supply for Raspberry Pi Pico

The microUSB connector is used to power and communicate the Raspberry Pi Pico board with the computer. A 5 V power supply is required for the module to work properly. The board can also be powered from VSYS pin with 1.8 V to 5.5 V  using e.g. 3.7 V Li-Pol battery or 3x AA battery.

The logic part of the Raspberry Pi Pico operates at 3.3 V.

Rozkład pinów w Raspberry Pi PicoThe pin layout of the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Programming the Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry Pi Pico is programmed in C/C++ or MicroPython. To upload a program to the board, press and hold the BOOTSEL button and connect the Raspberry Pi Pico to the computer via a microUSB cable. The module will be detected as a USB mass storage device named RPI-RP2, the program file should be dragged and dropped in the RPI-RP2 volume. The manufacturer provides an SDK repository for the C language.

Pierwsze kroki z MicroPython

First steps with MicroPython

The Raspberry Pi Pico can be programmed by connecting it to a computer via USB cable by dragging and dropping a file. A downloadable UF2 file has been prepared to help you get started with MicroPython.

  • Download the MicroPython UF2 file.
  • Press and hold the BOOTSEL button and connect the board to the USB port of your Raspberry Pi or computer.
  • Release the BOOTSEL button once the Pico is connected to your computer.
  • The Raspberry Pi Pico will be mounted as a storage device with the RPI-RP2 volume.
  • Drag and drop the MicroPython UF2 file onto the RPI-RP2 volume.
  • Pico will restart, now MicroPython will be used.
  • You can access the REPL and MicroPython through the serial USB port.

Download the UF2 file.

Hello World in C/C++

The first program written by any programmer is "Hello World", in this case via the Raspberry Pi 4B's USB serial port.

  • Download the UF2 "Hello World" file.
  • Press and hold the BOOTSEL button and connect the Raspberry Pi Pico to the Raspberry Pi USB port.
  • The board will be mounted as a storage device with the RPI-RP2 volume.
  • Drag and drop the UF2 file into the RPI-RP2 volume.
  • Pico will restart.
  • Open a terminal on the Raspberry Pi 4B and run the commands:
    sudo apt install minicom
    minicom -b 115200 -o -D /dev/ttyACM0
  • You should see "Hello World" written out in the terminal window.

Download the UF2 file.

Check the code.

Hello World w C

Raspberry Pi Pico specifications

Parameter Value
Chip Raspberry Pi RP2040
Core ARM Cortex-M0+ Dual-Core 133 MHz
SRAM 264 kB
Flash memory 2 MB
Pinouts 40-pin / 23 GPIO digital + 3 ADC pins
Interfaces 2x UART, 2x I2C, 2x SPI, up to 16 PWM channels
Supply voltage 5 V (USB)
Operating voltage of the logic part 3,3 V
Power supply / data transmission connector microUSB
Dimensions 51 x 21 mm
Voltage nominal 5 V
UC - Microcontroller RP2040
UC - Core ARM Cortex-M0+
UC - Flash 2048 kB
UC - core 2. Dual Core
UC - Digital pins 26
UC - analog in 3
UC - A/C 12-bit
UC - PWM 16
UC - USB microUSB
UC - Connector 5V microUSB

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Raspberry Pi Pico - RP2040 ARM Cortex M0+


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Hassle-free delivery of goods
Unbeatable price / performance ratio. As a fan of 8-bit retro computers, I recommend playing with various emulators (ZX Spectrum, C64, BBC Acorn etc.). - it just works - and memories: priceless
Goods delivered on the next day, no problems;)
Perfect for programming nand in Xbox 360
I am using as a vga adapter
A great alternative to AVR based tiles.
Fast, cheap MCU.
I recommend
Fast shipping
Great store, very fast order fulfillment.
A great microcontroller
Smart baby
The product will be used in laboratory classes and research projects. It meets my requirements in the scope of performed works.
A very good product, I recommend interesting projects.
A lot of entry / exit too little money.
A very good quality product. I recommend.
For now, it is lying and waiting for the project to start.
Well, it's just a stalk. Take and run. I do not know any other microcontroller with such possibilities and at such a low price. Perfect for children for their first adventure with microcontrollers and programming thanks to great support and courses.
A classic that will not disappoint.
Good and cheap.
Another RPi Pico - as good as the previous ones
After several years of experimenting with RaspberryPi zero, I decided to taste the adventure with this solution. A considerable incentive in this case is the price and availability of this product in the Botland store.

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