Raspberry Pi Pico - RP2040 ARM Cortex M0+

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A small Raspberry Pi Pico module with Raspberry 's own RP2040 microcontroller made in the UK. RP2040 is a dual core chip based on ARM Cortex M0+ clocked at 133 MHz. The module has 264 kB of SRAM memory and 2 MB of Flash memory. The chip features 26 GPIO pins that operate at 3.3 V and a temperature sensor. Raspberry Pi Pico is programmed in C/C++ via microUSB connector.
Raspberry Pi Pico - RP2040 ARM Cortex M0+
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Manufacturer: Raspberry Pi

Product description: Raspberry Pi Pico - RP2040 ARM Cortex M0+

A compact Raspberry Pi Pico module with Raspberry's own RP2040 microcontroller made in the UK. The RP2040 is a dual core ARM Cortex M0+ based chip clocked at 133 MHz. The module has 264 kB of SRAM memory and 2 MB of Flash memory. The chip features 26 GPIO pins that operate at 3.3 V and a temperature sensor. Raspberry Pi Pico is programmed in C/C++ language, via microUSB connector.

Raspberry Pi PicoRaspberry Pi Pico.

Pinouts of Raspberry Pi Pico module

The Raspberry Pi Pico module is equipped with 26 GPIO pins, which include: 2x SPI, 2x I2C, 2x UART, 3x ADC 12-bit, 16x PWM. An additional 8 IO (PIO) pins are provided to support custom peripherals.

Power supply for Raspberry Pi Pico

The microUSB connector is used to power and communicate the Raspberry Pi Pico board with the computer. A 5 V power supply is required for the module to work properly. The board can also be powered from VSYS pin with 1.8 V to 5.5 V  using e.g. 3.7 V Li-Pol battery or 3x AA battery.

The logic part of the Raspberry Pi Pico operates at 3.3 V.

Rozkład pinów w Raspberry Pi PicoThe pin layout of the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Programming the Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry Pi Pico is programmed in C/C++ or MicroPython. To upload a program to the board, press and hold the BOOTSEL button and connect the Raspberry Pi Pico to the computer via a microUSB cable. The module will be detected as a USB mass storage device named RPI-RP2, the program file should be dragged and dropped in the RPI-RP2 volume. The manufacturer provides an SDK repository for the C language.

Pierwsze kroki z MicroPython

First steps with MicroPython

The Raspberry Pi Pico can be programmed by connecting it to a computer via USB cable by dragging and dropping a file. A downloadable UF2 file has been prepared to help you get started with MicroPython.

  • Download the MicroPython UF2 file.
  • Press and hold the BOOTSEL button and connect the board to the USB port of your Raspberry Pi or computer.
  • Release the BOOTSEL button once the Pico is connected to your computer.
  • The Raspberry Pi Pico will be mounted as a storage device with the RPI-RP2 volume.
  • Drag and drop the MicroPython UF2 file onto the RPI-RP2 volume.
  • Pico will restart, now MicroPython will be used.
  • You can access the REPL and MicroPython through the serial USB port.

Download the UF2 file.

Hello World in C/C++

The first program written by any programmer is "Hello World", in this case via the Raspberry Pi 4B's USB serial port.

  • Download the UF2 "Hello World" file.
  • Press and hold the BOOTSEL button and connect the Raspberry Pi Pico to the Raspberry Pi USB port.
  • The board will be mounted as a storage device with the RPI-RP2 volume.
  • Drag and drop the UF2 file into the RPI-RP2 volume.
  • Pico will restart.
  • Open a terminal on the Raspberry Pi 4B and run the commands:
    sudo apt install minicom
    minicom -b 115200 -o -D /dev/ttyACM0
  • You should see "Hello World" written out in the terminal window.

Download the UF2 file.

Check the code.

Hello World w C

Raspberry Pi Pico specifications

Parameter Value
Chip Raspberry Pi RP2040
Core ARM Cortex-M0+ Dual-Core 133 MHz
SRAM 264 kB
Flash memory 2 MB
Pinouts 40-pin / 23 GPIO digital + 3 ADC pins
Interfaces 2x UART, 2x I2C, 2x SPI, up to 16 PWM channels
Supply voltage 5 V (USB)
Operating voltage of the logic part 3,3 V
Power supply / data transmission connector microUSB
Dimensions 51 x 21 mm
Voltage nominal 5 V
UC - Microcontroller RP2040
UC - Core ARM Cortex-M0+
UC - Flash 2048 kB
UC - core 2. Dual Core
UC - Digital pins 26
UC - analog in 3
UC - A/C 12-bit
UC - PWM 16
UC - USB microUSB
UC - Connector 5V microUSB

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Raspberry Pi Pico - RP2040 ARM Cortex M0+


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29.01.2023 Confirmed purchase
24.01.2023 Confirmed purchase
12.01.2023 Confirmed purchase
03.01.2023 Confirmed purchase
21.12.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
what I wanted I got.
20.12.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Previously known product.
17.12.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
I think its ok but it was awfully packed.
06.12.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
The tile is well made, there is nothing to fault 😉. After loading the test program (blinking the built-in LED), it works correctly.
04.12.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
revelation mega computing power and capacity of 127 MB :O
23.11.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Super elegant
13.11.2022 Confirmed purchase
27.10.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
it's OK.
19.10.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
In practice, the use of RaspberryPi Pico turned out to be a pleasant surprise. In addition to the possibility of programming this driver in C ++ and MicroPython, it is also possible to program in MM Basic (PicoMite) via the TeraTerm terminal.
14.10.2022 Confirmed purchase
11.10.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Side buttons next / back - useful patent
10.10.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Excellent (5/5)
07.10.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
quickly, efficiently and as described. I recommend ;)
04.10.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Raspberry Pi Pico in the history of the family of popular raspberries models is approaching the ideal, facilitating amateur programming of useful microprocessor controllers. For programming, you can use dedicated software based on the C / C ++ standard, MicroPython, and - it is a pity that the least advertised - PicoMite (MMBasic).
03.10.2022 Confirmed purchase
03.10.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Brilliant board :) tiny, light, very easy to update. I recommend.
27.09.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
They will improve the ADC, that will be perfect, but it still works great.
26.09.2022 Confirmed purchase
22.09.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
12.09.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
cool! Although the ADC could be better.
05.09.2022 Confirmed purchase
31.07.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
16.07.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Does not require a recommendation.
13.07.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Hassle-free delivery of goods
11.07.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Unbeatable price / performance ratio. As a fan of 8-bit retro computers, I recommend playing with various emulators (ZX Spectrum, C64, BBC Acorn etc.). - it just works - and memories: priceless
10.07.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review

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